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Australia’s South Boulder strikes Eritrea Potash deal

May 15 (Reuters) - Australia-based South Boulder Mines has handed the reclusive state of Eritrea an increased stake in its Colluli potash mine under the terms of a new joint venture agreement, the miner said in

May 15 (Reuters) – Australia-based South Boulder Mines has handed the reclusive state of Eritrea an increased stake in its Colluli potash mine under the terms of a new joint venture agreement, the miner said in a statement.

South Boulder, which had held a 90 percent stake in the potash project, said it and the Eritrean Mining Corporation (ENAMCO) would now each hold a 50 percent stake of a newly formed company, Colluli Mining Share Company.

South Boulder said last year the asset held 1.08 billion tonnes of 18 percent grade – or 194 million tonnes of contained potash.

In a statement dated May 14, the miner called the agreement a “major milestone” which would help advance discussions with potential investors. No-one from the firm was available to comment.

Long starved of foreign cash and widely considered to be one of the most tightly controlled and secretive governments in Africa, the Red Sea state is now on the threshold of a mining boom which should drive growth in the agriculture-based economy.

In 2008, Eritrea set the government’s stake in any mining project at 10 percent with an option to buy a further 30 percent. It was not clear from South Boulder’s statement how much, if anything, Eritrea had paid for the additional share.

South Boulder, which requested trading in its stock halt on May 10 ahead of the announcement, said the agreement proposed 70 percent of the project be funded by debt, 30 percent by equity.

Gold companies with projects in Eritrea include Toronto-listed Nevsun Resources and the small explorer Sunridge Gold Corp.

The country, which occupies a strategic strip of mountainous land overlooking the entrance to the Gulf of Aden’s busy shipping lanes, has previously exported little to the outside world. (Reporting by Richard Lough; Editing by James Macharia and Patrick Graham)

Review overview
  • Yemane May 15, 2013

    What a lucky leader and his first family are to preside over a nation of submissive and cowards.A population that handed over the entire nation that thousands and thousands of its children perished their lives for to one man who has been treating them with cruelty and harshness like one wouldn’t imagine.A population that bowed down to one man who does things that pleases with impunity.A population that renounced its ownership of its nation,gold and now potash out of fear and endorsing him to do whatever he wants to without any accountability and transparency.Worst of all though,abandoning and handing over its children to the regime to do whatever it wants is the most appalling.
    This is what makes me hate my heritage.
    Please lets rise in unison and turn things around before its too late.
    Ezi Wedhankum,

    • Ahmed May 16, 2013


      I think you should be happy when you hear a good news about Eritrea if you are eritrea but I don’t think you are so anything that brings money to Eritrea is a good news whether you hate or like the government . The only people who would like that is Agame people. That’s it

      • Yemane May 16, 2013

        You said”You don’t think I am an Eritrean”I wish you were right and I wouldn’t have to talk to dead brain,arrogant and ignorant people like you.Unfortunately,I am and I care about the suffering and miseries my people are going through every single day under the merciless dictator you and your likes are supporting.
        Speaking of good news,what is the good news when we have a regime that doesn’t even bother disclosing its earning from the cursed gold that it auctioned for few bucks few years ago to the people.What is the good news when the cursed “golden money” disappear thin in the air with no explanation,accountability and transparency.Don’t you think the people have the right to know if we own it?If the gold earning doesn’t improve the lives of our people and no one knows how it was spent,how will the potash?
        Ezi Wedhanka,

      • asghedom May 19, 2013

        Mr.Yemane , when Ras mikal of Hamaseen was helping the egyptians the Dankalya deprescian has been protect by Agame people , when your grand father where figthing in Libia to help italians to colonias Libia,and salling thier country they coud not dear to touch the Agame people. Mr. Yemane your country accept a colonial name Eritrea and you are proud of this name. Belive me the whole eritrea even the who ethiopians have never fought for the regione like Agame, evern four indipendence of the so called eritrea tthe Agame people have contribuit a lot . but most kebesa lake wisdome to understand it . They have the mentality of colonized people so pleas read read and ferad history then you are able yo juge and understanf. talk out this colonized mind and be like brothers Agame then you understand.

        • Eritreawit May 19, 2013


          Why are you oppsessed with the name Eritrea. you hate it so much want to change its name? Amazing and by the way the name Ethiopia is also foriegn so stop your bogous acusations We Eritreans worship outsiders–no, no, no it is you guys. ETHIPOIA HAS PUPPET GOVERNMENTS ALL THIE TIME.

        • sara June 17, 2013

          @Asghedom, at least we Eritrean not going to say I am Eritrean, when we are not. like you Agame bastards. our ancestor did the right thing period. we are not going to deal with you worthless, lire’s,bagger’s and dishonest ppl. One thing I blame God that he put you as our neighbors. Unlike you cockroach Agame, We Eritrean’s are loyal. talk about 40yrs /50yrs history, your father and mother bag for bread in our streets not long ago and you kids and grand will do for future. God created you that way, don’t blame Eritrean for this.

        • sara June 17, 2013

          by the way, Agame never fought like a man. always need master to tell them what to do. you agame are good for nothing. go and do western dirty job. open war at your neighbors, sale your kids, get some aid in return. this yr identity u dirty agame

      • sara June 17, 2013

        the more this DKALU get the money the more they going to destroy Eritrean and Eritrea. do you know that the more Bisha gold the more Eritrean leave the country and the more our coronel and generals get business in Uganda, Juba and Angola?
        their is no electricity in Asmara and other cities when Eritrea discover bisha. what is next, hmm… potash deal and no water ???????????
        and plssssssssssss don’t say Agame, they are already in Asmara eating Eritrean inside out. just like cancer.

    • sara June 17, 2013

      hey, he is not Eritrean so what do you expect? think our country is in the hand of mercenary and TWELGA.
      and pls don’t hate your heritage. We Eritrean’s never hate who we are;our strength is our eritage.

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 15, 2013

    ¨ኣኽላባት ህግደፍ ፣ናይ ትማል ሸፋቱ ሙዳዳ ___ናይ ሎም ዓመጽትን ፈገረግርን ___መንግስቶም__ቾብላ (ቦቢ )ኢሉ__እንተተላእከ ዝነክስ እምበር _፡ኣብ ጊዜ በረኻዊ ሽፍትነት__´ውን እንተኾነ ወጻዕቲ ሓፋሽ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ኣዕናዊ ዕላምኦም ንህዝቢ ኣጥፊኡዎ እምበር ኣይፈየዶን__ሕጂ´ውን ሽፍታ ዘራይ ህዝቢ ክኸውን ኣይክእልን´ዩ ። ¨

    ኣብ ዘይሰምዓካ ደርቢ ኣይትማህለል ዝብሃል ኣዛራርባ ዓድና ኣሎ። ኣቱም ጀነራላት ኣንቱም ተጋደልቲ __ንህዝብኹም ተልዓሉ፣__ምባል ንኣጋንንቲ ኣንጻር ሰይጣን (ድያብሎስ) ክልዓሉ ከም ምሕታት እዩ።
    መጀመርያ ዝተብሃልካዮ ግበር_ድሓር ሕተት ዝዓይነቱ ቆልዓዊ ሸፈጥ__ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ እንተዘይኮይኑ፣ንማንም ብተምሳል ኣምላኽ ዝተፈጥረ ህዝቢ ዘየታልል ልሕሉሕ ታክቲክ___ነዚ ደርሆ ሓሊበ ጸባ ከስትየካ እየ ኢልካ ተዔሽዎ ህዝቢ___ኣሐሊልዎ እዩ።
    ካናዳ ወርቅና ብሕሱር ጸሪጋ ትውሰዶ__ኣውስትራልያ ዳርጋ ብኸምኡ (ብብላሽ)ይውሰዶ__ሻዕብያ__ንራሻይዳ ይሽጡና__በደዊን ተቐቢሎም ሰብኣዩን ሰበይቱን እናዓመጹ ህዝብና ይጥፋእ__እቲ ቐንዲ ህዝቢ ዘትሓሳስቦን ዘሕምሞን ዘሎ__ኢትዮጵያ ዋላ ገንዘብ ከፊላ ዓሰብ ክትጥቀመሉ ምርኣይ ከም ሰብ ኣይነትካ ምምብርካኽ ዝቖጽር ህዝቢ ይበዝሕ ።ሰብኡትና ብግብረ ሶዶማውያን በደዊን ናብ ¨ኣንስቲ¨ እናለወጥዎም__፡
    ___ ካሕሳይ ናብ ካሕሱ
    ___ዮውሃንስ ናብ ሃንሱ
    ___ገብረቕዱስ ናብ ኣደይ ቀደሱ______እናተቐየሩ እንከለዉ_____፣፣፣ኢትዮጵያ ካብቲ ብምኽንያት ሽብር ሒዛቶ ዘላ ኣርባዕተ ቁሸታት ትውጻእ ከም ቀዳምነት ተቖጺሩ ክዝተየሉ__በደዊን መጀመርያ ካብ ድሕሪ ሰብኡት ኤርትራን__ቅድሚት ኤርትራውያን ኣንስትን__ኣቃጺሉ ከግዕረና ይግብኦ። ግን ሰበይቱን ሰብኣዩን ፣ጅግናን ሕልኩስን ዘይፍለየሉ ዓዲ___ሰብኣይ መሬቱ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ መቐመጭኡ እውን ናይ ካልኦት ኮይኑ ክግሃስ ከሎ__እቲ ዳሕረዋይ እዩ ዝገድ ድ።
    ኣዴታት እቶም ደቂ ሓራስ ነብሪ ዝበልክኦም ደቅኽንን ኣሕዋትናን__እቶም ካብ መከራ ክትወጻ ተቓሊሰልክን ተሰዊኤልክን ዝብሉኽን ዝነበሩ__ገለን ነቲ ቃልሲ ዘርም ዘርሞ ገዲፎሞ__ኣብ ሰማንያታት ጠንጢኖሞ ኣብ ጀርመንን ካናዳን ኮይኖም ___መርገም ዝትሓስበ ግን ናይ ምርቓ_ምርቓ ኮይንዎም ይ ቕመጡ ኣለዉ።ምዃን ብኽልተ ኣሕዋት (ወያነን ሙዳዳን) ተደፊ ኦም ሱዳን ክኣትዉ__ኣብ ኡ ጥልፍኽን ጌርክን__ተለከይቲ ዘይቲ __ሃደምቲ__ደቂ ሓሊማ ዝበልክንኦም ኣ ሕዋትክንን ደቅኽንን__ክትፈርደሎም እውን የጸግም እዩ፥ ቀደሙ እውን ኣንኳይ ደምካስ ሽንትኻ ከተፍስ ሰሉ ዘይግባእ ህዝቢ ሂወቶም ምብኻኖም እውን___ንኽትፈርደሎም የጸግም።
    ኣንታ ካብ ርህሩሃት ደቅኻ ኣረመኔታት ዝመረጽካ___ካብቶም ካብ ማእሰርቲ ምስ ኣውጽኡኻ ፣ሱዳን ክትሳገር ዲኻ ትደሊ__ምስ ሻዕብያ ወይ ምሳና ኢሎም ብርህራሄ ዝሓንገሉኻ___ብተዛማዲ ዝሓሹ ደቅኻ___ሳላ ንሶም ዝትሓርዱ እዩ ናጽነትና መጺኡ_ምእንቲ ጥቕሚ ሃገር እዩ ተሓሪዶም__ምስ ቀተልዎም እውን__ኣዳግማ ነዛ ዓማ ኢሎም ሬሳ ሓዎም ዘዳግሙ ኣረመኔ ምምራጽካ__በል ሕጂ እውን ምእንቲ ሃገር ክትምዕብል እያ ዝሓርዱኻ ዘለዉ።ኢድ ሸናሒት ጸናሒት። ብጌጋ ኣይትረድኣኒ__ጀብሃ ነዚ ውግእ ዛዚማቶ እንተትኣቱ እሞ መለስ ክፍርም እየ እንተዝብል__ንመለስ እታ ዝፈረማ ከይነቐጸት ምዕራባውያን ይኹኑ፤፤እስራኤል ዓድዋ መውዓልዎ ኔሮም (መጥፍእዎ)።ናይ ሓሶት ፊርማ ክፍረመልካ ምዕራባውያን ዝተሰማምዕሉ__ፈራሲ ምዃንካ ስለ ዝፈልጡ እዮም።ኤርትራ ከም ቀዋሚት ሃገር ኮይና ብብሕታ ክትቅጽል ዝድለ ኣይመስለንን።
    ሕጂ ድማ እቶም ወርቃን ፖታሽን ባሕራን ዝካረዩን ዝወስዱን ዘለዉ_፥_ነዚ መንግስቲ እዚ ከይወድቕ ክቃለሱ እዮም።

    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብዘይካኻ ካልእ ህዝቢ ዓለም ጥቕሙ እዩ ዝርኢ__ሃበትም ዝደልይዎ ነገር ብብላሽ ይረኽብዎ ኣለዉ፣ ኢትዮጵያ ብተዛዋዋሪ ንዓሰብ ክትጥቀመሉ እያ።ብዘይካኻ ኩሉ ስዒሩ።Nothing personal Eritrean people..It is business.
    Egypt thanks us ,Eritreans for shedding our blood & becoming it´s condom.

  • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

    ዋእ ሓቁ ደኣ !

    እዛ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ካን ኣኺልዎ፣ ተዓጽያ ድያ ፧
    እዚኣ ናይቲ ቀጠር ንኢትዮጵያን ኤርትራን ፣ ንምቅርራብን ወደብ ዓሰብ ንምክራይን ካብ ዘቕረበቶ እማመ ፣ እታ ቐዳመይቲ ቅድመ ኩነት ደኣ ከይትኸውን።
    ቀጠር ንኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ንምሽንጋል ፣ ንሓንቲ ኣብ ብሪጣንያ ዝመደበራ ናይ ሕግን ኣህጉራዊ ዝምድናታት ዋኒን ፣ ብኣማኽርነት ደረጃ ውዕል ከም ዝኣሰረትላ ይፍለጥ ።
    ኣብዚ ናይ ዓሰብ ናይ ምክራይ ልዝብ ፣ ባድመ ከም ኣርእስቲ ከምዘይትለዓል እትዮጵያ ኣቐዲማ ኣጠንቂቓ ይበሃል። ክልቲኤን ሃገራት ግና ነቲ ናይ ተጻባእቲ ፈነወ ራድዮ ከም ዝዓጽወኦ ክሳማማዓ ይኽላ እየን።
    በዚ መሰረት ድማ እቲ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝቐንዐ ፣ ካብ ኣስመራ ዝፍኖ መደብ ራድዮ ደምሒት ኦርሞ ግምቦት ሰባት ኦጋዴን ፣ ከምኡ ውን ካብ መቐለ ዝፍኖ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ኩናማን ዓፋርን ብቕጽበት ደው ክብል ፣ ይርከቦ።
    እዚ ሓድሽ ኩነታት ስጋብ ክንደይ ወይ መዓስ ይቕጽል ዝብል ብኽልቲኦም ጥራይ እዩ ዝምለስ።
    ንኩነታት ፈነወ ራድዮ ካብ ኣስመራ ዝፍኖ መደብ ራድዮ ደምሒት ኦርሞ ግምቦት ሰባት ኦጋዴን ግና ዝፈልጦ የብለይን ። ንምንጭታት ኣብ ኣስመራ ደዊልካ ምፍላጥ ከቢድ ኣይመስለንን።
    ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ብኹነታት ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ኣብ ብዙሓት ሰባት ሻቕሎት ከምዝፈጠረ ዝሕባእ ኣይኮነን ፤ ንምንታይሲ ራድዮ ወጋሓታ ኣብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራን ሰራዊታን ዘለዋ ጽልዋ ኣዝዩ ኣገዳሲ ስለዝኾነ።
    እዚ ኾይኑ እቲ ፤ እዛ ዕላል ሱሳስ ኣላታ ።

    • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 15, 2013

      Brilliant Brother Militia,

      As you are aware..individuals have friends..governments have interests.
      Ethiopia will do what is in it´s interest & governning wise Eritrea.
      The Ethiopian people & the Eritrean government are the winners in this deal.
      Brother Militia,..would you not agree also as the world is depending more on gold & less on paper money..the companies that are doing business ..getting gold at a mockingly low price will also keep PFDJ´s interest.
      And I believe BADME not being on the agenda is helpful to the Ethiopian people & Eritrean government.
      PFDJ is gainning a new & improved power ..will not worry about Ethiopia bringing to Asmara on it´s back..& Eritrean govt. will somehow cool down the economic question by the people.
      IT IS A WIN WIN for the Ethiopian people & Eritrean govt.To be honest with you I worry about the unknown bringing lack of law & order…….Please ,share with us what you think..If you can help me look at things differently too, I would be very glad.


      • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

        NEW Hope Eritrea, NHE
        I agree with you. It is easy to see, state-to-state, the government of Ethiopia as more beneficiary. Though Ethiopia has nothing to fear about Eritrea and the Eritrean regime, it may need to use the port of Assab because Qatar has promised to invest in the port and provide better services at a lower cost to Ethiopia. Qatar is the government that signs the legal document but it is Australian and British multinationals that will run all the port services. Ethiopia’s economy of 90 million is growing very fast and the port of Djibouti is very small to accommodate Ethiopia’s needs. So, strictly, Ethiopia’s interest is economic while Issaias Afewrki’s motive is strictly survival. In this case, Eritrea has little to gain except some financial that is after Qatar and the multinationals take their part.
        If this is the case, the biggest winner will be Issaias, because unless he gets sick or an accident, he is assured that he will be the leader for the next 30 years.
        Issaias is not a good strategic thinker as Meles and Haile selassie were but he has the best survival instinct. Issaias will survive at the cost of the Eritrean people. Even if a quarter of a million people are left in Eritrea and the people who hate him leave, he has nothing to worry. In fact it is good for Issaias if the young people who hate him leave. It is what YG called a system of easing by “letting the pressure off”.
        If this is the case, the Eritrean opposition will be the biggest loser. They have lost every opportunity Meles had given them. Instead of ceasing the moment, they spent most of their time living in the old and outdated Ghedli dreams and multiplying like amoeba.

        • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 16, 2013


          Bless you for stating the obvious. I have to check myself from time to time of my isolated view.
          i am saying bless you for speaking the truth,..not that I am happy ..thigs are the way are.
          ብጊዜ ደርጊ እቶም ተጋሩ ናይ ትግራይ ካድረታት ደርጊ¨ከንቅሑ¨ ከለዉ (¨ባርያነቱ ልፈለጠ ባርያማ፥፥ግማሽ ነጻነቱ ኣግንዩ´እኒኦ¨)ዝበሉና፣ነታ ሓቂ ከም ዘላታ ስለ ዝርኣኻያ፣ ሚልሻ ፣ግማሽ ነጻነትካ ኣግኒኻ እኒኤኻ ።

          • ማሊሻ May 16, 2013

            ዋይ ዋይ ሙሉ ነጻንት እማ ፣ ኣይተ ኢሳያስ ኣግንዮማ ደይኾን ፤ ላይ ብቻ ኮይና እምበይ ። ግማሽ እንተግንየማ ሕጉሽ ደይኾን።
            እዚ ላህጃ ናይዞም ተጋሩ ኣዝማድና መቐረት ኣለዎ። ማለተይ ፣ ላህጃ ማሊሻን ኔው ሆፕን ፤ ከም ሰናይ ትምኒት ናይ ጽሩያት ኤርትራውያን ፣ ማለት ከም በዓል ” ካሊገ ” ።

          • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 16, 2013

            ወዲ ጎይታይ ሚሊሻ ፣
            እቶም ወለዱ´ማ ¨ካሊገ¨ ልበልዎ ¨ባዕሊገ¨ ለይሸምይዎ ነበሩይ ።ምንም ሃሳስ ሓማሸናይ ከይትብሎለ ፍልጠት እንኤዎ፣ ኩሓሊ ልመስል መንቆርይ ልኡኽ ወዲ ሓፍትናለ ኢሳያስ ለኾነይ።ድቃሕናማ ሔዚስ ባዶ ገረወኛ መንለ ምዃኑ እኮ እዋን ኣቃሊዕዎ።

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 15, 2013

    “ልዕሊ ኣርብዓ ዝዓመቶም ኤርትራውያን ክሃጅሞም´የ”

    ኣሽንኳይዶ ብቐንዳስ፣ስእላ እኳ ዘይውሓጠለይ
    ኣይትዓጠቕኩዋ ኣይተኮስክዋ ከም ሃገረይ
    ሎሚ ግን ሓደራ ክላሽን-ኮቭ ኣምጽኡለይ
    ልዕሊ ኣርብዓ ዝዕድሚኦም ክርሽኖም ባዕለይ
    ከጅምዓሎም፣እቲ ጸማም ኣእዛኖም ይኽፈቱለይ !!!!
    ማይ ሓባር ዝተቐንጸልካ ስንኩለ-ኣካል
    ኣብ በረኻ SINAI ዝትዓመጽኪ ጓል
    ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ሓንጎሎም ኣጓል
    ገለን ልሓስቲ ጫማ ሙዳዳ፣ገለን ጀብሃ-ነበር፣እኒ ዕደ ፈሽኳል
    ንሳቶም´ዮም ተሓተትቲ፣ ሕጂ የለን ነገር ምድጓል
    መኺረዮም ኣነ፣ እንከለኒ ሕማም ሓንጎል
    ዓጋመ ኢሎምኒ መሲልዎም ክብረት ምጕዳል !!!!!!
    ኣብ ጊዜ ውግእ ንስኻትኩም ንትሞትዎ
    ብደምኩም ሚልዮናት ኣዋጺኦም ባዕሎም ዘይከድዎ
    ሕጂ ንስኻትኩም ክትዕመጹ ክትቱርቸሩ፣ ሓዊ ከም ዘየምበድበድዎ
    ማእከል ጎደና ወጻኢ፣ ብሓሶትን TAXI ን መሊኦምዎ
    ንኢሳያስ ሕጂ ወዲ ኮማሪት ክብልዎ
    ናቱ ኣመንዝራታት (bit…ches) ከም ዝነበሩ ድሮ ረሲዖምዎ
    ነገር ናብ ካርነሽም-ድምበዛን ጠውዮምዎ
    ቶርዓ-ጸንዓድግለ፣ ሕጅስ ኣግሂዶምዎ
    ብኢድ ዝቑጸሩ፣ተጣዒሶም፣ሰላማዊ-ሰልፊ ይገብሩ ኣለዉ
    መብዛሕትኦም ግን ኣስተሓሚሎም፣ ደይ ንስኹም ትስሕንዎ!!!!!!!!

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 15, 2013

    “ዕሸላዊን ዘሕንኽን ናይ ቆለውዕ ዓጀውጀው ዝበዝሖ ግጥሚ”

    ትማል ደዊለ ንገጅረት ገዛውትና
    ቴሌፎን ኣልዒላቶ ሮዚና ድሙና
    ዘረባ ከይጀመረት ብኽያት ብብኽያት ኮይና
    እንታይ´ዩ ጸገምኪ ከመይ ኣሎ ከልብና ፧
    ኢለ እንተሓተትክዋ፣ መመሊሳ ቆዚማ !!!!
    ንቦቢ ከልብና፣ ካብ ኣሜሪካ ዝመጸት ኣንስተይቲ ከልቢ
    CALIFORNIA ክትወስዶ ዝመጽእ ዘሎ ዓርቢ
    ጉዳይ ኣሳሊጣትሉ፣ ጉቦ እናሃበት ንንእሽቶይ ንዓቢ
    መንእሰይ ኮብሊሉ ስለ ዝራሕርሖ ዕርዲ
    ህግደፍ ጀሚሩ ደማሙ ከናዲ
    ተራ በጺሕዋ ከተገልግል ብግዲ
    ሳዋ ክትከይድ ወዲኣ መገዲ
    እዚ እዩ ዘብከያ ተገላቢጦሽ ፍርዲ
    ድሙን፣ …ድሙ – ድሙን መሊኦማ ዓዲ
    እዋኑ ናይ ኣኽላባትዩ ,ሮዚና ከም ሰብኪ ስገዲ !!!!!

    • ማሊሻ May 15, 2013

      ዝኸበርካ NHE,

      ሰዶ ! ሰዶ ! ይበል እዩ።

      ” ድሙን፣ …ድሙ – ድሙን መሊኦማ ዓዲ
      እዋኑ ናይ ኣኽላባትዩ ፣ሮዚና ከም ሰብኪ ስገዲ “

      • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 16, 2013

        Militia for President &NHE for secretary of state.

  • Haben May 16, 2013

    This is good news for Eritrea long-term. The bad news if a poor Issayas can do so much havoc to his own citizens and neighbors then Issayas flush with cash will end up making Eritrea like Iran. In a dictatorial states gold, potash, diamond etc can be more of a curse than a blessing.

    Fortunately,, Issayas’s days are numbered.

    • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 16, 2013

      Ya, numbered to be 30 – years or monthes, or days.Only death knows ..then Tekle Manjus & Wichu will be leading..& will start selling fetus/embryos to Bedouins…there by we will conclude Isaias was better than these mother******s !!!

      • Eritreawit May 19, 2013

        Hopless Ethiopian aka new hope–
        what are you? please stop ISAYAS IS the worest of all dectators, you are the enablers for what i don’t know. I. D crisees probably, sick and tired of you ppl. disguising yourselves you isays , monky kisha. GOD HELP ERITREANS.

        • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 19, 2013

          I do not have ID crises ..I know my identity..I am not kebessa Tigraway but the brand new invented in 1991 ¨HIZBE TIGRINYA¨ I do not know where you got this I have identity crises Ajewjew.
          Hatsie Minilik the 2nd separated the 2 people in 57 B.C (before Christ)…so I know I am not Tigraway..I am a special breed…Hizbe Tigrinya.

          • Salim May 19, 2013

            Go yourself.

  • Said May 19, 2013

    He get so much cock to ply around .dome dictator. let us United again .

  • Loaded gun May 22, 2013

    I don’t understand why you people fighting, in the awe Isiase his time is c

  • Loaded gun May 22, 2013

    I am very happy for Eritrea, but what is the use if this good news is not going to change the life of Eritreans, I rather wish the other way wound, there are still young Eritrean risking theI life for a better life, if that is not gonna change, any body an tell me what is the use of that mineral that’s found in Eritrea going to do,

    • sara June 17, 2013

      may be, more money for colonels and generals relative in juba, Uganda, Kenya and Angola.