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Review overview
  • meron February 16, 2019

    Wow! Well done, Assenna and Dr. Mebrahtu! The interview was timely and very interesting to say the least. Keep it up, guys!

  • Woldeab February 16, 2019

    It is sad that the current president in Eritrea does not see the danger. During 1991, Betewded warned the government that TPLF army was not talking about using Assab but owning it. During that time the president was consumed by the idea of confederation. Seven years later we returned to a full-fledged war. No one was accountable for that. Now the president is again consumed by the idea of integration and confederation. How can you integrate if you do not know where your boundary is? A president who used to equate Eritrea leaving Badme to a sun set now does not want even to talk about Badme. This is worrisome development. The president may have been engaged in other ulterior motives. Some people say he is looking for way to bring his son to power. His initiative to introduce his son to Abiey was a long-term strategy that will pave the way to give support for Isaias’s son to take the helm of power and for Abiey to infringe the sovereignty of Eritrea. Now I can see the relationship between the Arrest of the G15 and Isaias’s ambitions. Everything was planned and the war was a pretext to implement such hidden plan. Time to act before it is too late.

  • asmerom February 17, 2019

    aye Dr. exactly the doctor must do what the patient is asking!!

  • senkam February 17, 2019

    Thanks Assenna for bringing a subject that has been out of the radar for almost all Eritreans. Dr Habtom did well explaining it in plain terms about Red Sea coast, fishing, sea water farm, . However, most Eritreans will find it strange of his reference to a staunch autocrat ruling a country according to his whimsical “president”. Do you know there was some kind of institutional frame work in the early days (more than 2 decades a go) that put him to be president of the transitional govt for a 4 year mandate, despite its shortcomings. Which, means there was a legislative body (assembly), Since then he hijacked the entire system, dissolved all existing institutions, thrown the drafted constitution, and installed a totalitarian system in place & enslaved its ppl while used its resources for his agenda as personal property. I guess, I have to shorten it here b/c I can go on & on. you shouldn’t refer him president; he himself has thrown that system & institutionalism. President is a law based reference and you can’t find any loophole to still refer him president. He is an individual and should be referred by his name.