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ATV: News Updated: መገሻ ቻይና ንዓፈነ፡ ተቓውሞ ህዝቢ ኣስመራ፡ ኣኼባታት ሌስተር፡ ቬጋስ ሎንዶን ኦንታርዮ፡ April 12, 2019

Review overview
  • Berhane Haile May 13, 2019

    ዑስማን ሚኒስተር ጕዳያት ወጻኢ ዝብል ስም ክወሃቦ ፈጺሙ ዘይዓቕሙ ኣሸልኪሙዎሞ እንታይ ከድምዕ እዩ??

    • tewelde gebremariam May 13, 2019

      there is no foreign minister in Eritrea. As a matter of fact, there is no government in Eritrean, only tiny Mafia, composed of the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals. sworn to undo Eritrean Sovereignty.

      for twentysome years, masqueraded as Eritreans, they fooled many of us and managed to devastate our social fabric and economic infrastructures but not any more. We have caught them red-handed selling our country to the highest bidder. Very soon, they will be behind bars for treason and genocide. Of course, the Eritrean retribution will match their barbarity: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, nothing less, nothing more. they must feel the pain they inflicted on us!!!!!!!

  • Temesgen May 13, 2019

    Much has been said and written about the heinous crime committed by DIA and his criminal gang against the Eritrean people for the last 26 years. The political, social and economic damage inflicted on the Eritrean society is so extensive that we find ourselves on the verge of destruction both as a people and a country. Our anger has reached its boiling point. It is time to claim back our country and national identity by all means. The criminal gangs are working round the clock to prevent people from taking their anger to the streets until May 24, 2019. Let us defy some of their deceptive ploys such as meetings, seminars, carnivals and festivals by their dogs and topple the regime. Eritrea shall prevail on the graveyards of DIA and his dogs..