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Review overview
  • Salim Negash June 24, 2019

    Thank god to our steady , patient, visionary, and principled leaders. As Eritreans, we should all feel proud with the relative security , stability , and pace that we have in our country compared to all around us. Ethiopia,often referenced as a beacon of hope for democracy, development, and free press in East Africa, is about to disintegrate and #1 country in internally displaced citizens. Sudan, what do we need to say here, the news explains everything. South Sudan, blessed with resources but mired in constant conflict by corrupt and inept leaders. We should savor what we ave and aspire to make things better sch as national unity, implementation of Constitution, re-settlement/rehabilitation of our armed forces who have been serving the country with no meaningful salary for so long, and so on…

    • nati June 26, 2019

      Shame on you salim negash. If you think we are pfdj zombies you are brain-dead. First ask where sibhat Efrem is before claiming for anything steady, patient, visionary blah blah blah. Where on this earth is a general shot at and it is business as usual for the rest of the regime except in Eritrea? You are probably an iseyas made robot with no conscience at all. If you think now that Ethiopia is disintegrating, as you claim, we Eritreans should believe we are having it good, you are an idiot. We oppose the regime because it is subjecting us to inhumane treatment. We oppose your master iseyas’s rule because we want rule of law and constitutional governance. We refuse midmar. Because we choose to be the masters of our own fate. ata dmur, ms Ethiopia tedemirka endatehagoskas Ethiopia fah ila tbl keman aytihafrn. beal monkey zmahruka abzi aferfer aytibel dimsus agelgali melaki

      • Salim Negash June 26, 2019

        Hi Nati , please see my reply to Genet-Original…
        Second, I am so happy that you and many of my Eritrean bothers and sisters, who oppose the current regime in Eritrea, are so concerned for the safety and well being of Gen. Sebhat Efrem. The very same group that called him all names in the book are suddenly using the unfortunate & blatant attack (funded by the TPLF criminals) on our hero to advance their agenda of weakening GOE and EPLF. Gen. Sebhat is not a political football you can play with and my suspicion is that his case is extremely sensitive nature of national security and the privacy himself and his family deserve. Besides, you know full well the culture of EPLF, it chooses to keep a lot of things out of public consumption, rumors, and innuendos. Why are we so shocked and surprised that the organization has decided to stay mum regarding one of its top leaders?

        • nati June 27, 2019

          Salim Negash,
          You are a clown, man!
          By the way, unless you are a pfdj agent how do you know sibhat Efrem’s attack “was funded by the tplf criminals) to advance their agenda of weakening goe and eplf? Why do you have to mention EPLF when we all know that organization was replaced by pfdj a long time ago? You pretentious moron think you can play the humanity card by saying sibhat and his family deserve privacy when it was iseyas’s gang that shot him in his own family home! You are evil just like your master iseyas. And which goe are you speaking of when you mention it in regard to ‘tplf’s agenda of weakening’? Do you really believe an Eritrean would in this day and age buy this bullshit? We know full well it was the dictator iseyas who has done everything he could to paralyze our nation in order to reach at the obvious conclusion, that Eritrea after all could not govern itself. His sole intention was for Eritreans to be the means to his personal goal of being the emperor of abay ethiopia. If you are an Eritrean rethink your ways, Salim. Eritrea is a nation which we paid dearly for. And I tell you the stupid dictator has done us a great favor by exposing his intention when he started courting abi. We will haunt him. So stay put slave salim negash. And get lost from this forum. This is for Eritreans who believe iseyas must go yesterday.

          • Salim Negash June 27, 2019

            Nati ,

            If Isaias Afewerki is a dictator, which he may very well qualify for that designation, you are not far behind him. Your violent and vulgar/name calling filled replies indicate you will be no better than him, if not worse. The very fact that you cannot grasp people are entitled to support / oppose whomever and accommodate diverse opinions shows your immaturity or dictator traits. You seem to subscribe and aspire for monolithic thought process & that puts you squarely in the lineage of African strong men or “wanna” be strong men.
            Second, why do I infer that “your” TPLF criminal gangs/sponsors attempted to harm Gen. Sebhat:

            1) Listen to PM Ahmed answer in Axum when ask about the border closure with Eritrea
            2) Suddenly, Eritrean opposition groups (mainly those with Tigrean blood), are suddenly so sympathetic, up in arms, and concerned about the whereabouts and wellbeing of our hero whom they have called every nasty name known to mankind up until late 2018… Shall I say more?

            Lastly, I like Assenna platform because they have done good in creating dialogue and keeping her government honest. Especially when there was talk of Ethiopian Navy presence in Massawa, Assenna played a major / singular role in informing all Eritreans and the govt has started to think twice, in my opinion. There are more things that bind us/unite us than divide us and I hope we can all unite towards a common goal of safe and secure Eritrea that accommodates diverse political views.

  • Genet - Original June 25, 2019

    Salim Negash
    Who is steady?
    Who is patient?
    Who is visionary?
    Who are principled leaders?
    Where in Eritrea is relatively secure or stable?
    If you are an Eritrean, please go get some help as soon as possible. You have been brain washed to be brain dead. I know you are not going to change for the better,but I am going to try to give you some insight to the things that are right in your face. Now, dictators and psychopath people are not patient nor visionary. They are always paranoid, implosive and unprincipled.

    Eritrean youth are in the street of Africans countries and Europe. Do you think being a homeless is better than your “secure or stable” Eritrea. can you describe exactly the scope of “secure or stable”? Because a secure and stable country doesn’t build numerous prisons than schools. Secure and stable country with a visionary leader doesn’t breakup a family unit. A visionary leader doesn’t sing “I am building multiple reservoir” for twenty years, yet couldn’t provide the people of Eritrea enough clean water.

    A word of advice, Salim for your own good, if you are able to get way from the lunatic dictator, do it now. runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Even better, if you are watching the neighbor down south and your are in the same position as the man in addis, do it!!! You will be forgiven for ever.

    • Salim Negash June 25, 2019

      Genet – Original , I do not need lecture on what medical care I need or I do not. Nor do I need to be questioned if I am Eritrean or not, because I will not question that of you as well. The very reason that will destroy us is our inability to accommodate ideas/opinions that are divergent from ours. Grow up and challenge the facts in some what of a binary way with out the emotions that seem to emanate from your reply. I do not care much for PIA as a person, I care more around the sound leadership of EPLF (an organization I spent 15 years of my life prior to independence). What are those leadership qualities of EPLF that are manifesting in the current state of affairs:
      1) Internal PEACE. You can move about Eritrea with virtually no hint of violence or ethnic/religious attacks.
      2) Long term development plan around water security, agriculture, mining, infrastructure. Just go out of Asmara and you will see. Mekele, a place many anti-government Eritreans have called home for a while now, has virtually no drinking water supply after TPLF invested billions and billions they looted from poor Ethiopians.
      3) Patience – EPLF withstood the TPLF/criminal Meles Zenawi with us getting slapped with naked aggression first, then UN sanctions, and Eritrea being black listed as terror sponsor. Guess what, ALL of that is reversed now and I hope Zenawi and his TPLF gangs burn in hell for EVER.

      HOWEVER, this is not to deny the following:
      1) Indefinite national service for our young men and women and the need to rehabilitate and take care of them….
      2) Implementation of our constitution , now that the dark cloud of TPLF invasion is close to being over, we should implement it as soon as our land is given back to us. The criminal TPLF gangs still occupy Badme,

  • Temesgen June 25, 2019

    Why DIA’s blanket of silence, lies and false rumors, regarding the disappearance of GENERAL SIBHAT EFREM will backfire?
    It has been SIX MONTHS since the assassination attempt on the life of GSE. The state media was forced to disclose the news five days after it happened because the news was reported by ASENA. We were told back then that the assailant was caught and that the General was flown to UAR military hospital for treatment.
    The most reasonable question that any low ranking officer in the army should ask at this point and time is: Where is General Sebhat Efrem? Is he dead or alive? If the answer is yes/no, prove it. What became of the assailants? Let us hear from the family members, namely the wife.
    DIA’s futile attempt to buy time to destroy the evidence and make the crime disappear will fail.!!!

  • Mike June 26, 2019


    Tragic events unfolding in Ethiopia. One in Bahir-dar is possible “coup” but the event in Addis Abeba – should raise curiosity. There is no need for the event in Addis Abeba to have happened – could this be the peace with Eritrea is starting to cause some pain to Ethiopia? Let us wait and hear out all the connections to the event in Addis Abeba. Is it just simply both events, Addis Abeba and Bahir-dar, are related?

    When is Dr Abi going to walk up from his “honeymoon” and start fixing things the right way? Further, when is it going to happen one bold Eritrean who will have take action of “enough” in Eritrea?

  • Wedi Hagher June 26, 2019

    When you have many like the Salim Negash, DIA will be in power till he moves to hell.
    He speaks about non-existent EPLF, as if the organization is still ruling Eritrea.
    EPLF leaders are in jails, in exile, some living like plants and many passed away.
    DIA made his own organization in the image of the previous one, but for all practical purposes a brutal mafia.