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  • Amare Resom September 23, 2019

    MR. Martin Plaut,, you are indeed a friend of Eritrea!. You have proved this several times. So I can only admire your stand for justice.. Our people know and admire you being a witness of the struggle and sacrifice of the Eritrean people for independence. And now, our people admire you again for fighting for their right to be free and establish the rule if law, denied by dictator Isaias Aferworki, on whom they wrongly put their trust for years. .I am sure many like me admire your struggle in exposing the dictator’s systematic destruction of the country and the peoples; social network. and the valuable efforts you are making to join hands with those who are struggling to remove him.. As you stated; “It is the beginning of the end of the dictatorship,” Hopefully, we will soon celebrate together the day he is no more.

  • Ahmed September 26, 2019

    He did more than Eritreans for Eritrea.