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Review overview
  • Fetsum Abraham May 12, 2019

    The message is clear brother Petros and we love the history in the making. yes, there is nothing inside Eritrea that can spark civil disobedience like in Sudan because of the absolute dictatorship in the country. No professional; associations and other civic groups in side the country to take care of business like The Sudanese did but there is enough mind power in diaspora than can build the foundation with maximum freedom offered by democracy itself. Brother Haile’s assertion that civil war can only be avoided by well prepared conceptual unity is correct and your characterization of the task as being very difficult is correct as well. But the answer is hard work to fully prepare for after Isaias Eritrea through dialogue, research and neutral intellectual substance. We have to work twice as much to close the gap in this regard using the freedom to do it in diaspora.. We simply cannot wait to study how we can transit the society to democracy when the challenge arrives as a matter of time unless we are ready to suffer the consequence of recklessness in terms of another dictatorship or civil war. we must be fully ready to immediately implement the knowledge we can acquire today in post isaias Eritrea. let us specify the challenges and work them down one at a time to the end. Full understanding of the foundation and the target must be specified now for us to develop a common knowledge as to how we transit the society with what type of transitional government in relation to the civic society and political groups in question. knowledge should precede the action we should take when he goes away from his post. let us study other democratic processes in Africa and beyond. There are many examples we can research on and use, amalgamate and impose on our unique situation to come up with our version of transition to democracy. I am so excited we reached this stage at last and we can do it. Thank you sirs for creating this wonderful opportunity that can change the terrible situation at home. Once again, keep the momentum going by frequently contacting the people as such!!