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ATV: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE & እንካ ዘይፈልጥ ሃባ መን ኣልመዶ? – ወዳጀ ምእረራ ብስም መኸተ ወራር ኮረናቫይረስ

Review overview
  • Temesgen March 27, 2020

    Do Eritreans trust the rogue/criminal regime to handle a pandemic such as COVID-19? The answer is an outright NO. Because a regime that is bent on destroying Eritrea/Eritreans people can’t be the savior of the Eritreans people. A regime that took 52,000 Australian sheep(Oct, 2003) infected with exotic/contagious disease for cash and herded them ashore in Eritrea despite international outcry. Mind you these were infected sheep that spent months at sea after being rejected by many countries. A leopard never sheds it’s stripes.
    Now with the outbreak of the Corona Virus. Eritreans at home/in diaspora have every reason to be gravely concerned and suscpecious about the spread/transmission of this pandemic. According to the public announcement No 4 by the Minster of information Yemane G/Mesjel “three Eritrean passengers who arrived from Dubai last Saturday diagnosed positive for COVID-19 today” that raises a lot of mind boggling questions because we were told last Saturday that a 32 year old Eritrean from Norway who was in the same flight was quarientined because he tested positive for the virus. Then the question becomes why was the regime tight lipped about the other 82 passengers that arrived on the same flight? Why were they allowed to go home knowing well that there was one infected passenger among them? Last but not least. Why would infected Eritreans with good conscience decide travel to Eritrea at this time?

    • Siraj Abdurahman March 28, 2020

      Social Distancing! How Long?

      I was reading an article titled “How Long Should Social Distancing Last? the article was in regards to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, many people have started to stress-out staying at home for few weeks. While I was reading the article, I remembered those gallant Eritrean heroes who are jailed without a trace. The question we all, Eritreans, have to ask is how long are they going to stay in prison? I hope they are still alive. Nowadays, the world is advised to practice social distancing and many have the choice to self-quarantine to avoid the growing risk of COVID-19. Unfortunately, those Eritrean, brothers and sisters, who are in Eritrean prison cells had NO CHOICE to socially distant from their families and quarantine from their people. It is sad that the real heroes who gave us an independent nation has been in prison cells for almost twenty years. I wonder how are they coping in such an inhumane situation. As we all know, the health experts are telling us that it is expected that the lack of interaction and isolation could impact one’s mental health as many people across the world experience social distancing and self-quarantine. I cannot imagine what the mental status has been for those, brave Eritreans, in prison so far. I can only pray that God keeps them sane.

  • rezen March 27, 2020

    “እንካ ዘይፈልጥ ሃባ መን ኣልመዶ? – ወዳጀ ምእረራ ብስም መኸተ ወራር ኮረናቫይረስ” ”

    That is enough for me.!!!!
    Who said that the Tigrigna language cannot be clacified as a classical, mature and insightful language!!! “እንካ ዘይፈልጥ ሃባ መን ኣልመዶ?” Fantastic.!!! It says a VOLUME. Why waste precious words ……………….. THANKS, Amanuel..
    Why wasn’t the Tigrigna language placed on its appropriate and deserved pedestal ……………….never mind!!!! I may open historical dangerous pandora box. STOP