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ATV: 18 መስከረም ኣብ 18 ዓመታ – ኢያሱ ዓንደማርያም : ደቡብ ኣፍሪቃ

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  • Temesgen September 21, 2019

    When all the peaceful means/tools are exhausted to effect change in a country, people are well justified to use all violent tools at their disposal to topple a regime that makes their lives unlivable. .
    It is becoming abundantly clear with every passing day that allowing the statuesque to continue is not in the best interest of the Eritrean people.
    Why confronting the beast in the language it understands best is a game changer?
    -The conditions on the ground are ripe for mass/popular uprising.
    -If a popular uprising breaks out, most of the army, police and security are going to desert the regime.
    -By sheer number alone, the Eritrean people can overpower and overwhelm the minority regime supporter.
    Taking abuse from a tyrant/bully can only prolong the suffering, but standing up to them at any cost is a game changer.

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