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Review overview
  • Paradiso October 12, 2019

    He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize 100%. He has opened his Ethiopia to democracy and freedom, never seen in its history. Democracy is a process, and of course, he has a long way to go.
    He has made peace with Eritrea. It is not Abiy’s responsibility to wage a war and bring democracy to Eritrea, it is the responsibility of Eritreans.

    Congratulations to Abiy and the people of Ethiopia.
    Democratic Ethiopia is better to all Ethiopia’s neighbors.

    • k.tewolde October 12, 2019

      A well planed and orchestrated deal among two individuals serenading each other by their nicknames with ‘Habesha’ style optical display of affection which did’t last for few months deserves this much accolades,Oslo must be watching a different channel this days,four young soccer players just defected and scores continue to drawn in high seas from the hermit nation,ethnic cleansing and warring clans dogs the recipients model nation,what are we celebrating? the hardware?

  • Temesgen October 12, 2019

    As an Eritrean It is not up to me to tell who the Norwegian Noble Prize committee should nominate or award its prize. But I can with 100% certainty point out the factual flaws in their explanation and justification about the award.
    Why did the committee use Ethio-Eritrean accord as one of its justification for its award, knowing perfectly well that the token peace deal was a total fiasco?
    The facts/reality on the ground refute their own explanation because 1) the border has never been demarcated nor has there been any constructive attempts/discussion to address the border issues by the two countries. 2) Ethiopia has not yet withdrawn its troops from occupied Eritrean regions as we speak.
    3) the border was open for only 3 months but was closed again. 4) the mass exodus of Eritrean youth/elderly continues unabated. 5) the lawlessness and flagrant violations of human rights in Eritrea has escalated and not improved.
    The committee should apologize to Eritreans in particular and the world in general for misrepresenting/twisting the facts about Ethio-Eritrean peace accord.

    • Florence October 13, 2019

      Dear Temesgen, you started off with “it isnt up to me to tell who the Norwegian…..should be awarded to” but then end with asking for then to apologize to Eritreans and the world. You need to gave a firm stance on what you would like to see done. If you are grieved by this entire fiasco, you should definitely let them know that this award should not have been given to the PM including your reasons as to why not. If however you dont believe it is your place to “tell them” who should win, then you are half way stopping, and you are not willing to fight for your people. It is your right to speak up. Dont be passive aggressive.

  • G. Shimhalal October 12, 2019

    This prize would at least be good for framing. In all seriousness though, I’m totally unimpressed at this prize awarded due to the geopolitical powers disregard to humanity, human history, and the reality of things on the ground both in Eritrea as well as Ethiopia. I’m also unimpressed by this hoopla because if we we go back to history, we find that even as a monster as Hitler was nominated by the Oslo nonsense association of peace to receive a Noble Prize. In addition, I can also give you another example (since I live in the USA) is the nomination of America’s current seating president Trump, the most vile, bigoted, and first dictator America has ever seen. So, this is not the end of the world. ምቕናይ፣ ጥራይ ምቕናይ!

  • mussie_yohannes October 12, 2019

    Yitzak Rabbin, & Yasser Arafat were jointly awarded the Nobel peace prize for their effort to bring peace to their people. If the committee’s argument/justification for awarding the prize to Abiy Ahmed is to be valid, we should also take the same analogy. Hence, they should also have made the dictator in Eritrea a joint recipient with his Ethiopian counter part, right? That decision would make it much easier to see their fiasco decision!
    This makes me to grow ever more sceptical about the “western ideals”, especially in this “fake News” decade!
    Shame on you! the ignoble Committee!

    • k.tewolde October 13, 2019

      I would have given it to the feisty 15 y/o climate activist Greta for standing up and seething at the grumpy old men in the house. Her cause has more weight to humanity as a whole than someone who is trying in a slick way to get access to the sea by smiling his way through a destitute populace of a sovereign nation.God is watching. .

      • Florence October 13, 2019

        Isayas was equally smiling when he told Abiy ” you are going to lead this country, meaning Eritrea” Abiy oa doing what is good for him. Also, Greta is not doing anything for the climate. Why is it that 95% of East Africans sise with Democrats as 9f the Democrats have their best interest at heart? Example Obamq. Soon after he won the Nobel Prize he went on to start a war. Killary 8s one 9f the main causes why Libyans are not stealing the kidneys of your countrymen and women. if you had any logic at all, and were able to see past the arrogance and fowl mouth “orange man” and pais attention to his policy, he is actually the one fighting for your benefit. The fact that he is fighting the globalist is why you still believe there is a country called Eritrea. Emotion led, hard mentality consumed Africansm is why we continue to lose. We are image centered instead of fact centered.