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ATV: ዶር ገብረ ገብረማርያም – ምቅላዕ ጥልመት ስርዓት ውልቀመላኺ ኢሳይያስ – PART 1 & 2 HD      


Review overview
  • I want to live in ERITREA January 15, 2019

    Thank you Dr. , I am proud to have a brother like you.

  • Genet -Original January 17, 2019

    Thank you, Thank you, Dr Ghebre!!!!
    Your lecture is just a breath of fresh air. You nailed it. No Eritrean can deny this, unless of course one is suffering from identity crisis. The bases of our problem is the psychological defect of DIA’s identity crisis. This disorder made DIA to completely disregard the safety of our people and our county. Currently, we have people with identity crisis who have been attached their Eritrean being to DIA”s existence. You said this reptile is out of his comfort zone and soon he will be looking for a safe place. You are correct. But I think he already found it by meddling in Ethiopian’s internal business.. Not sure how it is going to end for him. But Eritreans need to move fast and get him away from our people and county.

    Eritrea first !!!!!!!!!!