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ATV: ዝርርብ ምስ ዶር ኣማኑኤል ምሕረተኣብ፡ ብዛዕባ ምጥያስ ተጋደልትን፡ ኣብ ልዕሊ ጀጋኑ ስንኩላን ዝተፈጸመ ናይ ቅትለት ስጉምትን – 2ይን መወዳእታን

Review overview
  • Zeregabir Teaghes June 12, 2020

    Thank you Dr. Very interesting and charismatic interview.

  • Tewelde Gebremariam June 12, 2020

    Hi Dr. Amaniel Mhreteab,

    You said…. isaias afewerk ignited the 1998 war in order to prevent the implementation of the Constitution……. The question for you is , Why didn’t he want its implementation? Don’t you think, given his popularity at the time among our population, at home and diaspora, he would have been overwhelmingly elected and re-elected as president several times? I would think so. In fact, in the words of Amaniel Eyassu (assenna), Eritrean people would have erected statue in his honor.

    Prevention of the implementation of the constitution could not therefore be the real reason why isaias afewerk illegally torched the 1998 war, as the handing over of Badme to woyane around 1985 was not, as some of his misguided die-hard apologists would have us believe, to entice woyane into fighting against Derg on the side of EPLF. Similarly, isaias afewerk’s removal of the UN Peace Keepers from Eritrea was not, as he boisterously argued, to develop the land the UN Peace Keepers were stationed because ,not only that very land, the whole of Eritrea and its population are worse off today under his reign of terror than they had ever been in the past.

    The real reason the isaias afewerk ignited the 1998 war, Dr. Amaniel Mhreteab, was to systematically decimate Eritrea and its people as a prelude to its final annexation to tigrai, the realization of the woyane 1976 Manifesto of Abai Tigrai. No Eritrean should be deceived by the two’s con artistry of animosity. It is all orchestrated drama geared to polarize Eritreans against each other as a means of reaping their evil fruits.

    let me use one example to make my point clear. For almost twenty years,the impostor isaias afewerk has been holding Eritreans and their economic development etc.hostage using fear of woyane invasion or occupation of Badme, the very land he himself doled out to woyane. But remember, he was the one who forced the UN Peace Keepers, who would have nullified the fear of woyane alleged invasion, to leave Eritrea. Besides, in the wake of woyane’s refusal to abide by the Final and Binding decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission, the UNSC, faced with endlessly growing expense to keep its Peace Keepers in perpetuity , would have forced Woyane to comply. However,the impostor isaias afewerk, knowing full well that the stay of the peace keepers would not advance his hidden agenda, forced them out. To this, add his purposely mismanaging the war and his opening corridor for woyane soldiers to enter deep into Eritrea exposing the Eritrean defense forces at gash Barka to be attacked simultaneously from their front and rearguard.

    Dr.Amaniel Mhreteab,

    The Eritrean people must be told the Truth, and nothing but the Truth—> that the impostor isaias afewerk and cabals are their mortal enemies.