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ATV: ዘተ እዋናዊ ጉዳይ ምስ ኣፈኛታት ባይቶ `ይኣክል` ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣመሪካ ፡ ምዕባሌታቱን መረረታቱን ፡ 2ይን መወዳእታን ክፋል

Review overview
  • Genet -original July 17, 2019

    Welcome Assenna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Genet -original July 17, 2019

    The question every Eritrean should ask is Can I trust you??? You guys did some questionable thing. you reportedly call people you know only to come as a representative. Why did you need to do that? The action that was seen and what you are saying now shows contradiction. Some people are recommending to have 2 people from each area of Eritrea for the NA leadership.. I think that is not a bad idea.

    God bless our people and Country.

  • Genet -original July 17, 2019

    Aman please call the other people who were there who witnessed how things went for the past few months. I think we need to hear from both sides.

  • tewelde gebremariam July 19, 2019

    I am wondering as to what could be lurking behind the nitpicking on the nascent Yakl Baito and to what end : to nip it in the bud, or to get it better? If it is predicated on getting it better, I would advise the seemingly overzealous well-wishers to restrain themselves and give Baito time to do they can to put the movement on the ground. Besides it does not have indefinite length of tenure, only one year , at the end of which, it will either continue in service or be replaced. In the meantime, we must support it and defend it from agents of the impostor and woyane.

    By the way, for the true Eritrean, it should not matter if the first Baito or the next be i comprised of All Muslims, All Christians, All Serowetot, all Hamasenot,, Akelegzetot etc. because we are all Eritreans and we must trust each other, think, and operate beyond sectarian views, concentrate on quality not relationships, It is better to lose risking on the side of trust than remain the same gossiping against each other.