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ATV: ዘተ፡ ስነኣእምሮ መለኽቲ (ኢሳይያስን መዛንኡን) – ብኽኢላታት ስነኣእምሮ ሳምሶን ምስግናን ክብርኣብ ይመስገንን – የአንጋዲ ሰገድ ሓጎስ – 1ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • tewldemedhin July 21, 2019

    ባህሪ ናይ ዲክተተር ከምቲ ትብሉዎ ኢዩ።ግዳ ንዲክታተር ዝፈጥሮ ህዝብን ዜጋታትን ኢዮም።ካብ ኦም ገሊኦም ብዘይምፍላጥ፡ገሊኦም ከምቲ ናቱ ኣተሃሳስባ ዘለዎም፡ገሊኦም ብቲፎዞ፡ገሊኦም ብፍርሒ፡ገሊኦም ከኣ ብብሕታዊ ረብሃ ማለት ካሮት ብምርካብ።ኣብ ገሊኡ ሃገራት ኣፍሪቓ ባህሊ ኣሎ።ን ኣብነት መቡቱ ናይ ኮንጎ መራሒ ዝነበረ፡ንሱ እንተቀቲልካዮ ብመስኮት ኣትዩ ክወስደካ ኢዩ ስለዝበሃል ክቀትሎ ዝደሊ ኣይንበረን።ንጃንሆይ ትቀትል ጥይት ኣይተሰርሀትን ይበሃል ኔሩ።ኣይቶላህ ናይ ኢራን፡ንጉሆ ንጉሆ ቅድሚ’ታ ትበርቕ ጸሓይ ስእሎም ይረአ ምንባሩ ኣብ ህዝቢ ብዝሰረጸ ኣተሃሳስባ ልሰዝነበረ ምስ ፈጣሪ ምትእስሳር ዘለዎም መሲሉ ኣብ ህዝቢ ስለዝሰረጸ።ሎሚ ኣብ ናይ ሃገርና ዘሎ ኩሉ ናይዚ ዝበልናዮ ጸገምን ጀግናዊ ኣተሃሳስባ ን ኢሳያስ ሑቖኡ ኣጎቢጡሉ ኣብ ከምዚ ዕብዳን ኣብጺሑዎ።

  • senkam July 22, 2019

    Samson Misgina:: refer tyrant isias, as isias.. No budy is goin to listen you if you pierce people’s ear by constantly referring isias as president. Even the mediator and Kibreab are mentioning him by his name. Thanks.

  • senkam July 22, 2019

    Psychological profile of the the old despot, isias is not that difficult to discern as Samson try to argue. we have close to three decades of observed data since independence alone. It shouldn’t be that difficult to understand him for any observer much less those whose academic is like the panelist here.. The explanations you gave is satisfactory.
    The one question I may have is what does dictators sexual behavior look? how does the dark triads & other behaviors affect their abnormal sex life.

    I recall an interview with a former body guard of isias. years back. He said, one day on our return from the martyr;s cemetery after concluding the burial ceremony of higher official where isias attended. inside our ride (in the car) isias said: “‘ eti zsemaekumo bzaeba eti mr x ztenebebe kulu hasot eyu, kenexebabkelu elna ena” . It was my first time to hear about isias’s personality. I was shocked. and, the words remained stucked in my ear. ever since I knew he is a psychopath.

  • Temesgen July 22, 2019

    Are 21st Century tyrants and despots like a human Gorilla and Baboons?
    Male Gorillas, Chimpanzee and Baboons swell in size and become more confident after they attain the alpha status called grandiosity whose intoxicating effects lead to an obsession with divine status. This is how engender personality cult. that proclaims their greatness But their grandiosity is associated with mania and paranoia. It is not the dementia but their narcissism/conniving personality/inferiority complex/deceit that destroys people and society.
    A popular uprising is the pin that deflates their bogus grandiosity balloon.