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ATV: ዕላል ምስ ተጋደልቲ ሰብ ቃልኪዳን፤ ተጋ ዮሃንስ ጸጋይ ምስ ብዓልቲ ቤቱ ተጋ ኢለን ዓ/ማርያም፤ ተጋ ፍቓዱ ኣብርሃ ምስ ብዓልቲ ቤቱ ህይወት ፍትዊ

Review overview
  • Hagherawi June 3, 2019

    She mentioned hero Ghebrehiwet Keleta, a veteran ELF tegadalay.
    He was kidnapped from Kessela in early eighties by EPLF and jailed in Saleh till mid nineties.
    He was released in Asmara for a while, but was kidnapped again in Asmara. Since then he is missing.
    Most probably killed by EPLF/Higdef.
    It’s sad that a hero of liberation war was made to disappear because he didn’t agree with EPLF.

  • ሓንሻብ June 3, 2019

    It is nice to hear hiwet and fukadu. We miss you too.
    From the family of ሓንሻብ።