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ATV: ዌዘር – ኩነታት ጠባይ ኢሳይያስ ኣብ ኤርትራን ኣብ ኢትዮጵያን

Review overview
  • Temesgen December 27, 2019

    As we make the transition to 2020, it is worth to reminiscence the suffering, agony, destitution and destruction that the Eritrea/Eritrean people have undergone for the last 25 years under the criminal thug DIA. It has now become abundantly clear for every Eritrean who the number one enemy is and what his mission is? The enemy is working day and night to achieve his hidden agenda. Unlike the other dictators in the rest of the world who are obsessed with power & wealth, this enemy of ours is very dangerous and needs to be dealt with a great sense of urgency. The reason why say that is because:
    i) he joined the struggle with a mission and came to power through illegal means to advance his agenda ii) he is deeply entrenched in hatred of Eritrea/Eritrean people, he would leave no stone unturned to destroy Eritrea and exterminate Eritreans.
    iii) He is not one of us. Why should he care? He has no grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt in Eritrea.
    This is not the time to engage in regional bickering and rivalry, trivial issues. Putting the cart before horse is falling into the trap of the enemy. What we need to do at this juncture is to stand united and strangle the enemy by the throat. The unholy alliance between Abiy Ahmed and our enemy, the standoff between the Woyanes and Abiy Ahmed and the hostility between our enemy and the Woyanes is a golden opportunity for the eritrean people to violently topple the criminal thug and his henchmen. The time to act promptly, decisively without delay is now not next year.
    God bless Eritrea/Eritrean people. Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans. Happy 2020

    • k.tewolde December 28, 2019

      (‘He is not one of us.’)>>>> a message of a boy soldier in training camp decades ago which was drowned in the tsunami of a national fervor is echoing again in broad daylight,so many examples along the way over the years to prove it,it is never too late,we Eritreans we know each other very well and we know the impostors as soon as they open their mouth,Temesgen’s massage is clear,the target has revealed itself like a frozen gazelle in an open Savannah,lets get our mojo back,put ourselves together,lock and load and get the job done.It might be 2020 here,the calendar back home has frozen in 19…

    • Hdrisuehalalmariet December 29, 2019

      Hi Temesgen,

      You wrote, ” ………the hostility between our enemy and the woyanes is a golden opportunity for Eritreans to violently topple the criminal thug and his henchmen…..?

      But there has never been any real hostility between woyane and the impostor isaias afewerk, only theatrics which both of them devised to divide Eritreans into warring factions as supporters of one against the other as a means of killing Eritrea and Eritreans for good. Do not fall into their infamous twiwai libi con artistry..

      The impostors in Eritrea and woyane are one and the same and their strategy is to build Abai Tigrai over the ashes of Eritrea, for which, among many others, the impostors ignited the 1998 war, they systematically brought about the fall of Eritrean Defense at Gash-Barka, they usurped Eritrean State Apparatus and launched Reign of Terror over Eritreans following Algiers Peace Treaty, they have decimated Eritrean economic infrastructure and social fabric……….

      We have been duped by these con artists, the woyane within and woyane without. The cost of our folly have been catastrophic. In fact, we are right now on the brink of extinction and they are salivating to see us all in graves. Unfortunately, we have not yet recognized fully who the enemies are. For example, Baito Yiakl officially states the none existent entity called PFDJ, not the impostor isaias afewerk , as the enemy. Little does it know that PFDJ is an imaginary entity that the impostor fabricated not only to conceal his hidden agenda against our country and people but also to use our our people in their own demise.

      My Dear Eritreans,

      Isaias afewerk and woyane are two faces of one coin, are one and the same. To them, add Abyi, the prime minister of Ethiopia.Do not be fooled by appearance. There is no animosity between woyane, on one hand, and isaias and Abyi, on the other. Woyane’s refusal to vacate Eritrean territory and demarcate the border is their mutual agreed upon strategy to create justification for the impostor isaias afewerk to put off political reform in Eritrea as a means of perpetuating the process of killing Eritreans and their Sovereignty. Mark My Words!!!

      • k.tewolde December 30, 2019

        Spot on HSHM,the Eritrean people did’t need an ally to drive the occupiers away and achieve their independence,they did it on their own,so can they this time around on one condition,we have to work collaboratively,be on the same page,know who our enemy is and work together to destroy it,simple,it has been only over half a century of lies,what does it take to call a goat a goat unless you have macular degeneration.Those who are entertaining the idea of allying with woyane to topple the tyrant are just resetting the clock back to 1971 or are their proxies.In this case the theory of ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend’ don’t apply because the enemy is a formidable enemy the Eritrean people ever had, it is a sharp sword which cuts both ways. Hizbey! you need to be stealthier than that otherwise you will be swallowed whole.