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ATV: ወ/ሮ ክብራ ተኽለ ካብ ሕ/መ/ኣ – ኣብ ክንዲ `ንሕና ንሱ` `ንሕና ምስ ህዝብና` በሉ ብምባል ትጽውዕ – March 06, 2019

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  • k.tewolde March 7, 2019

    once upon a moon we were in a file in a pitch dark night marching, eating up the ground from 70 km out to unleash a surprise attack on an enemy garrison holed in a small town in the gash/barka region,suddenly,I stepped on an acacia tree thorn the size of a pencil, yanked that thing out from the rubber sol,kept moving with blood soaking my foot limping,rubbed my foot on the dirt at times to stop the exaguination,a soft female voice from fellow tegadelti following me called my name and grabbed the rifle from my shoulder and said jokingly,’take care of it and keep up,we need you at the destination..” and she tossed me a piece of clothe….the lady above reminds me of her,where do the gallant fighters go? I hear you loud and clear sister,you a rare voice from the past.