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ATV: ኪኖ ኣርእስተ ዜናታት – ሽልማት ኖቤል ኣቢይ ኣሕመድ ብመንጸር ኢርትራን ኢሳይያስን

Review overview
  • mekonen semere October 16, 2019

    Hi Amanuel, well done, you absolutely nailed it down, wonderful analysis. But unfortunately there is always but especially in political analysis, you should have mentioned the border issue is was and will always remain between Eritrea and Tigray, this issue does not have anything to do with Ethiopia. If people are naive and claim Tigray is in Ethiopia, yes it is, but it is not. As we speak, as far as I can see, Tigray is no longer part of Ethiopia, in real terms of a united one nation that is, because they were not consulted and asked or informed, what this young useless ” nobel winner ” did decide to do peace with Eritrea. I was told he did his PHD on peace, surely if he was after real peace, he should have respected, despite everything, the consent of his teachers and masters, the TPLF. Abiot does not have any mandate to agree any peace between Tigray and Eritrea.

  • B. Russom October 17, 2019

    An analyses of the situation from start to finish of the relationship in between impeccable. I like it.. However, you are kind enough to give a chance to him to compare with anybody, including Abby Ahmed, despite his double standard in the case of Eritrea.. Though, .Abby Ahmed is Ethiopian and Isiase had never dared to utter the word, Eritrea, but plenty of time he stressed, not only Ethiopia, but a town of Gonder.
    Had any one hear him even to mention any village in Eritrea. He had no courage to say it. Blame us all including the generals in position for zero action.. Action speaks louder than words, However, you have touched all corners relevant to the relationship in between with clarity..
    Thanks again.

  • Temesgen October 17, 2019

    As far as we know, Tigray is still a region of Ethiopia and not a sovereign nation period. Eritrea as a sovereign nation can only conduct effective legal negotiation & settlement about the border with the Federal Government of Ethiopia. We don’t want to open another political flood gates for Woyanes & Agazians to exploit. We are well better off by keeping them at bay.

  • yonas May 28, 2020

    አቱም ደቂ ህድሪ ሕጅ ትገብርዎ ዘለኩም ንኤርትራ ካብዘላቶ
    መከራን ጭንቅን ክተውፅእዋ ትገብርዎ ዘለኩም ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ኩሉ ልቡን ቀልቡን ምሳኩም ከምዝኮነ ርግፀኛ እየ ከምህዝቢ ንህና አብ ቃልሲ እንታይ ሐገዝ ክንገብር ንክእል? ከብ ስልጣን ምስተለግሠ ቀፃልነት ዝትካህ ሰልጣን ዝህዝህ ክፍተት ንከይፍጠር እንታይ ምቅርራብ ተጌሩሎ ምክኒያቱም ከምካልኦት አድታት ህንፍሽፍሽ ከይፍጠር ስግአት ስለዘለኒ ኢው የቀነለይ
    አውት ንሐቀኛ ውህሉል ኤርትራዊ።