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  • Hdrisuehalalmariet January 19, 2020

    Hi Amaniel Eyassu,

    Way to go Amaniel Eyassy. Exposing the impostor isaias afewerk in such devestating stile is the only way to wake up the duped Eritreans and break his grip to power by deceit and force. Unfortunately, you messed up with a crucial information. He did not fail in the 1998 war. On the contrary, he achieved the mission he set out for: he crushed Eritrean Defense Forces, crushed Eritrean people’s confidence, usurped Eritrean State Apparatus by unilaterally dissolving Baito, suspending the Constitution indefinitely and finally pronounced it dead, decimated Eritrean economy, disintegrated Eritrean social fabric etc. and now he is inching towards the climax of his uninterrupted success, that is to re-annex Eritrea to Ethiopia.


    We must dispell , once and for all , the misconception still prevalent in the minds of many Eritreans that Isaias afewerk was ever Eritrean Freedom fighter. As Meles Zenaw affirmed when he was secretly taped in 1990 by Paul Henze, isaias afewerkI never believed in Eritrean independence and that he was all along preparing the ground he has created now for the hidden agenda he has now revealed.

    The cleansing out of EPLF elites, the decimation of ELF in alliance with woyane in 1981, the handing over of Badme to woyane in 1985, the 1998 war without notifying Africa Unity and UNSC, the expulsion of the UN peace kepers from Eritrea, the protracted No War No Peace situation, dilapidation of the Eritrean economy, military and people etc. have been all geared to step by step to bring about the realization of his hidden agenda now he is crafting under the guise of Greater Horn of Africa economic development.

    My Fellow Eritreans,

    We must foil the impostor isaias afewerk’s conspiracy. Obviously the prerequiste for our success is iron-clad unity by healing the rifts he has created among us. If we do not purposefully choose unity by putting behind us the sectarian rifts, our doom is inevitable. We must act wisely.

    By the way, Eritrea does not need Ethiopia for anything, be it economy, security etc. Eritrea is rich on its right. As a matter of fact, we can survive eating and selling fish from our Red Sea. Therefore, the argument the impostor isaias afewerk is alleging is false , and it is not new but a rehash haile selase regime and his European surrogates used in the past to lock Eritrea into sham federation with ethiopia. No, We will not be hoodwinked into this again.

  • kidane January 20, 2020

    My honest suggestion:

    1. We need to stop insulting Woyane. and disparagement of Tigrai.
    2. We need to acknowledge TPLF’s contribution towards our struggle.
    3. We need to have mutually beneficial relationship with TPLF and Tigrai. because Tigrai is now
    the bulwark against any attempt to invade Eritrea.
    4. If another Ethiopian leader comes and embraces TPLF, it is possible for this new leader to
    convince large segments of Tigrai elite to work towards reversing the Eritrean independence.

    5. We should NOT assume the UN, OAU …etc to to come to our defense. because so far we
    have failed to function as a state. So far, it is good for us that PM Abiy and TPLF are not getting along well.

  • Gezae January 20, 2020

    You are all woyane stooges. If you want bend for woyane, no one care about you. We Eritreans have a very good started relation with the people and government of Ethiopia. Any one who trying to interrupt this good neiboring counties we will not resist for.
    Long live Ethiopia,-eritrea brotherly counties deplomatic relation. Death to tplf/woyane

    • Kidane January 20, 2020

      I know people like you will be deprived of night sleep the moment Tigrai-Tigrigni people start to re-establish peaceful relationship. God willing we will prevail.

  • k.tewolde January 20, 2020

    Thanks Amanuel for speaking directly to the soul of the Eritrean species,I wish this wisdom and speech was delivered some 40 something odd years ago in the rugged mountains of Sahel,we would have a much better looking Eritrea today without the Lucifer,his undoing of the Eritrean nation did’t start after independence,it was a protracted and well thought out mission which he used us Eritreans as a weapon to eliminate each other,I am a living and breathing testimony of the infamous ‘Hahid Quinat’ which ushered the dark chapter in the Eritrean society,after the Lucifer took a sol control of the field he said the rest is piece of cake,he took an easy donkey ride all the way to Awassa to reunite with his brothers and delivered our defenseless weak nation in a silver plate and they gave him a hero’s welcome party and he responded with chest pounding appreciation,those who never thought this coming went into V-tach on the cardiac monitor.

    • Gezae January 20, 2020

      I would not respond for you because
      You are dead fish/the weakest link in the Eritrean politics who lost every thing during the elf jebha leaders orchostrated evil war.

  • Woldegabriel January 20, 2020

    Dear Amanuel Eyasu,
    Thank you very much. You said it all.