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ATV: እዚ ኣባይናስ ክጽብቅ እቲ ዕድሉ ኩሉ እቲ ዝደልዮስ ይኾነሉ – ሰሎሞን የውሃንስ

Review overview
  • Gezae April 26, 2020

    We fought for justice & peace for peace – thus why our children answered the saw call
    Many were giving their lives for you and me – on the land, in the air, and the sea
    Brave,strong, and bold – to fulfill their fathers & grandfather’s trod.
    For genuine justice,reconciliation and eternal peace – so let’s not our effort cease.
    Let’s us not malice, sides with the enemies, let’s out of dark – our kids hit their mark
    Although the justice & peace question is old – it is the legacy of our people’s that years & century in fold.
    As a result thus why our country was 1991 founded upon this claim – hence it is our privilege to keep the same
    Long live eritrean people.
    Death to woyane and it’s barking dogs

  • Gezae April 26, 2020

    Please read the first sentence as – we fought for justice & for peace for all
    Thank you