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ATV: እዋናዊ ጉዳይ ብዛዕባ ሃብቲ ባሕሪ ኤርትራን – እዋናዊ ፖለቲካዊ ኩነታትን – ምስ ዶር መብራህቱ ኣተወብርሃን – 2ይ ክፋል – Feb 12, 2019

Review overview
  • T.Yitbarek February 14, 2019

    Fishing in the Red sea:
    For any body’s information that between 1994 until 1999, there were Projects supported by the African Development Bank, and financed by Interchurch Foundation Ethio-Eritrea in Holland (Netherlands) by building the school in Hirghigo and in Assab Sequir a project by Semhar project financed by African development.
    I participated in Training 320 Fishermen from 1996-1998 in Hirgigo and Dahlak Islands.
    It was a success story but when the war started my trainees were sent to the War Front. The end of the story of my training in Hirghigo.
    Dr. Mebrahtom Atowe Berhan was engaged in scientific research but I was personally involved in the real practical fishing and developing the technical and management of the Fishery projects.
    After 1999 I left Eritrea for good.

  • T.Yitbarek February 14, 2019

    Sorry, I forgot to mention some other Projects in The Ministry of Fisheries or as it used to be called Ministry of Marine Recourses.
    Eritrean Sea farm in Gorghusum by the US Scientist started as a Pilot project.
    Mangrove and silicone farm and shrimp(Prawn), Another Project was shell farming by an Italian Company for a Button factory in Italy. Thirdly.Another Company, A Dutch Company for fish export ERITREA LEDA FISH and drying the rest of the product for animal feed in Assab.
    For Confirmation ask Mr. Dawit Fessehaye in the UK, because he was also involved in the Ministry of Marine Recourses.

  • Habtu February 14, 2019

    Thank you for bringing this educational and timely issue to Eritreans. Educational, because not so many Eritreans know exactly the territorial waters of Eritrea on the Red Sea and it economic potential. It’s timely, because the political situation of the region is changing rather at a very fast pace and Red Sea is at the very center of it. The recent rumblings coming out of Ethiopia about establishing a Navy is very troublesome to most Eritreans!

    I saw a video clip this morning that Lemma Megersa of Ethiopia saying that we might have a sea outlet soon and we need to build our Navy in a hurry while meting top Ethiopian military generals. Abie Keep talking about our ports and the Derg riffraffs gathered in Addis are mumbling as well.

    I hope the good Dr. would educate the public as to which land locked countries in the world has established Navy and for what purpose. Bolivia has maintained it’s navy after it lost it’s shore in a war to Chile. The main reason they kept the Navy is that one day they will get the shore back. In fact Boliva celbrates Navy day every year in an effort to remind it’s population about it.

  • T.Yitbarek February 14, 2019

    Territorial (Political) and Commercial waters……………….. 12 See Mile & 24 Sea Miles, however, the USA has more power and takes a chunk of 36 Miles along its coast. The UN has no power to forbid the USA, so they close their eyes and Let the US do whatever it wishes.

  • Alem February 14, 2019

    Hey Mebrie,

    Good interview. Your caliver shows The University of Groningen produced very skilled Eritreans, including the current Dean of the College of Marine Sciences Dr. Zekaria Abdelkerim. Education is key for unlocking Eritrean resources and designing a strategy to use them for the benefit of the people. The problem is the Eritrean government lost very important people like you. Time to reverse the Brain Drain. All the Graduates of the University of Groningen, Tilburg, Delft and Wageningen who are now dis[erssed all of the worlds need to come together and establish an association that will lead them back to their country, Eritrea. Can you also talk a little about the Dutch company that was engaged in Fish export to Europe?

    Good job.

  • T.Yitbarek February 15, 2019

    Territorial & Commercial areas of a nation with a coastline.
    According to the IMO(International Maritime Organization a UN Department) is;
    Territorial waters= 12 Sea Miles from the edge of the last land territory of Marine Island and to the International waters. Commercial territories are 24 Sea Miles, Powerfull and superpowers as the USA has more than 36 Commercial Waters(Illegal) but by terrorizing its neighbors and manipulating the IMO they are able to have a vast seacoast outside the territorial waters, i.e. political territorial waters.
    Ambassador Andebrhan was once the Eritrean rep. in this organization and knows the details. As a Mariner, I have also read and know the IMO rules and Marine Boundaries everywhere. Consult Andebrhan about the Laws of the IMO.

  • Mebrahtu February 15, 2019

    Dear Tesfazghi,

    Thanks for the comments and good to hear from you.

    -We are on the same page regarding the delimitation of territorial waters (12 nautical miles (~22.2 km) from the low tide baseline).

    -However, the EEZ (exclusive economic zone) is 200 nautical miles (~370 km) from the baseline and all resources, living and non-living, in and underwater, including under the seafloor belong to the coastal state. There was an overlap between the two in the older laws but the update of 1982 is the most current (Uinted Nations Convention on Law of the Sea, UNCLOS 1982),