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ATV: እዋናዊ ዜና፡ ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ ኮሮና ኣመኽንዩ ገንዘብ የኻዕብት፡ ህዝብና ብሕሱም ጥምየት ይሳቐ

Review overview
  • Salim Negash May 28, 2020

    Hi Amanuel,

    I realize you have different political inclinations / disposition compared to that of the ruling party, but this COVID-19 should be something all of us not just those of you who are active politically? What’s wrong with Eritreans contributing to help their fellow citizens with basic needs and also enable the government procure and secure critically needed medical devices and supplies? I hope people do not score cheap political sound bites during this deadly crisis. The steps our government took to control and mitigate has been mentioned on par with Vietnam and New Zeland…. Let’s just unite to combat this deadly disease and ensure the well being and safety of our people. I personally know 3 folks who are ardent opponents of the govt (2 of them were members of the defunct / bankrupt ELF-RC & the other one is a proud / open regionalist) but they contributed to the COVID-19 campaign that is being launched online.