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Review overview
  • Alem February 18, 2019

    During its history, Asmara University has produced a lot of professionals and Academicians who are currently holding good positions at institutions in the western world. Among those who received their first degree from Asmara university after 1991 and later continued to break the barriers are:
    Indrias Berhane, Ph.D. Sr. Principal statistician at Novartis, USA.
    Musie Ghebremichael, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Medicine at Harvard Medical School. USA
    Yordanos Bisrat, Ph.D., Research Scientist and Faculty Manager, Texas A&M. The USA.
    Dawit Zerom, Ph.D., full professor, Cal State, USA.
    Goitom T Tsegay, Ph.D., full Professor, EWU, USA.
    Mussie T Tessema, Ph.D., full Professor, WSU, USA.
    Marco Pedulli, Ph.D. Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist, USFWS, USA.
    The above list is only the tip of the Iceberg. There are dozens more who are holding even higher positions than listed above. This is a testament to the argument that Asmara University’s education was of good quality and well accepted by its peer Western Institutions.

  • Tekie February 19, 2019

    Hey Alem,
    Let me tell you a very interesting story. When the university was moved to central Ethiopia, the first- and second-year business students were sent to Agarfa, Bale. However, the third- and fourth-year students were allowed to study at sadist Kilo in Addis Ababa. Falling to the prejudices trap, the Addis Ababa University registrar allowed the Asmara university students to take less load per semester than the Addis Ababa students. At the end of the semester, most Asmara university students scored higher GPA than the Addis Ababa University students. The Addis Ababa University Students complained and the next semester the Asmara university students were given full load. Still the Asmara University business students took the highest scores. Later the instructors learned that their assumption was totally wrong. So, the belief that Asmara University Education was lower in quality than Addis Ababa University was a hoax that only the fool can buy it. However, I agree that the offering at Asmara University was very limited. Before Liberation there was no law, engineering, and Medical fields.