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ATV: “እታ ስጉምቲ ትውሰደላ ናይ ዜሮ ሰዓት ሕጂ ኢያ!!” – ብ ፈንቅል 2020 (ኣብ መበል 30 ዓመት ስርሒት ፈንቅል)

Review overview
  • Tewelde Gebremariam February 5, 2020

    Dear Amaniel Eyassu,

    Timely message. Identifying impostor isaias afewerk as Genocidal, Atsnati, telam, Kahdi is objectively appropriate. This identification must be used to the exclusion of any other, such as wlqe melaki,gebati etc….., all the time and every time by every one whenever his name is used, From now on ward, he must be referred to as Genocidal Isaias Afewerk,, Atsnati isaias afewerk, Telami isaias afewerk, Kedaa isaias afewerk, even when we discuss with foreigner diplomats, journalists, heads of states etc. ….The world must know exactly who he is. We have been unwitting accomplices to his Crimes against Humanity by not referring him as such.

    Dear Amaniel Eyassu,

    Needless to say, what you have broadcast to wake up our duped people is brave and commendable. But as you know, one drop of water does make a rain. More broadcast will be needed, specially with regard to those, such as…… lower ranking soldiers,policemen, security, bartenders, waitress, actors, writers etc. whom he has deceived and corrupted with money into becoming his spies, assassins, poisoners etc. against their own people and country.

    And we must remember, he has admitted his Ethiopiawnet on his own ,in a transparent manner. . What that means is that we can argue at any world forums, including at the United Nations , United Nations Human Right Council, EU etc. that the Crimes Against Humanity committed in Eritrea documented by the Eritrean Inquiry Commission was indeed committed by the impostor isaias afewerk as a means of realizing his hidden agenda. Besides, the 1998 war he launched without informing Eritrean Baito UNSC and AU under the false pretext of woyane invasion was also, now proven beyond any doubt, a means of realizing his hidden agenda. He is a National Genocidal Traitor with the blood of 7000,000 innocent Eritreans on his hands, We must not let him get away with that. Amaniel Eyassu: we must make his incarceration our crusade!!!

  • Tewelde Gebremariam February 5, 2020

    correction, please read the… drop of water does make a rain as …..One drop of water does not make a rain…… Thank you.

  • Temesgen February 5, 2020

    Thumbs up haw Amanuel!! The message is coherent and timely. Our people need to hear more messages like that,

  • k.tewolde February 7, 2020

    As a well versed prosecutor you have made your case,your deliberation and closing arguments is impeccable,your evidence gathering and fact checking dating back to the annals of the armed struggle is objective and verifiable,the jury is awestruck,the defendant stands there stone faced as usual looking back at the familiar audience with disdain.I have never thought this day will come. Redemption for the downtrodden Eritrean people,glory and eternal peace for those who gave us everything they got,Amen!!