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ATV: ኤልሳ ጭሩም ሓላፊት ሓልዮት ንሰብኣዊ መሰላት ኤርትራ ብዛዕባ `ቲ ን ገበነኛ ያቆብ ዝተበየነ ፍርዲ ዝገበረቶ ዝርርብ

Review overview
  • k.tewolde February 19, 2020

    It is a microcosm service of justice for an Eritrean,I can’t wait for the macro justice to be served at home for those who were heinously murdered in the pre liberation era,those who are languishing and dying in underground dungeons,those who were sodomized and raped by their superiors,those disabled veterans who were shot point blank in their wheelchairs,those 360 victims swallowed by the sea some from anoxia at the birth canal,those who perished in the desert and those who are wasting away in slave like cells in Libya awaiting to be sold and resold,,,and those …and those…..this nation has a lot of healing to do and the toll is showing in our faces,we can’t hide it.Lets get down in our knees and pray folks,the pain is unbearable.I hope the time will come soon for us to say like the Jewish people,’NEVER AGAIN’!!!!

  • Mike February 19, 2020

    What a story: Justa thought – did any Eritrean official attend the hearing, not to mention the back-door channels, to support this man?

    A man leaves Eritrea and lands in England “apparently to avoid “Sawa”. If this is true then this very person while in foreign land commits a criminal act. Apparently to support the very government this man run from. Court in UK finds this very man guilty but lets him go with very minimal consequence. I say- This court in UK is absolutely a waste.Also this very criminal person is lucky. The incident was not a 1 time but this crime was premeditated and It happened more than once. Lucky, again, this is in UK court system I think. To others who are a “would be/wanna be Eritreans” who impose Eritrean governing rules on foreign land to be very careful and not attempt this very criminal act. Your life, your children, your record will be wasted.

    If anyone is truly patriot then go back home and do your service and leave UK or other places to others who wants to have peace.

    This man lied to the court that he does not have any source of income – well now Mr “guilty” the system is watching you. If you have 3 children and family please invest your time and any left over Milk and eggs on those kids and do not waste your time being on the wrong side of history.
    Peace to all

    • k.tewolde February 19, 2020

      Well placed Mike,fact is,these are the very kind of pleading pussycats who are making life a living hell for our people back home.Where do our heroes go?!!!! where do our avengers go? where are those fire breathing war machine I grew up to know and lucky enough to work with?….where are thou!!!

  • Temesgen February 19, 2020

    he conviction of the criminal thug Jacob Gebremedhin is very good news for all justice seeker Eritreans, but there is another piece that is missing in the puzzle. We shouldn’t allow him to benefit from his crime.
    The convicted criminal Jacobi Gebremedhin who assaulted both Martin Plaut and Amanuel Eyasu used his criminal offence to collect illicit funds from his GoFundMe campaign.By so doing, he has fraudulently benefited twice from the crimes he committed in London.
    Give me a reason why he shouldn’t be charged with fraud? The funds he has fraudulently collected from GoFundMe account should be confiscated & disbursed to both victims of his crime.