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ATV: ኣብያ ዙር ፈንቅል ዓወት ክሕፈሶ ጀሚሩ! – ደሃይ ካብ ኣስመራ

Review overview
  • Mike July 16, 2019

    To the group who wired this message from Asmara.

    I command you for working day and night and putting yourself at risk in bringing change, Justice and peace for Eritrea. But the body of the message has a lot more than what I could handle. Way off mark and unbelievable wording in this day and age. Tribalism and racism are vile and unproductive. Focusing rather on what is working is what you need to drive – and not what is low blow and divisive. Cut the inflammatory words and focus on what is working and needs to be done. Stay on point and message and the fight.

    Peace to Eritrea and Justice to those in power