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ATV: ኢሳይያስ ሕጂ ኸ፤ ንምን ‘ዩ ክውድሶ፡ ንመን ከ ‘ዩ ክኸሶ? ብምኽንያት ግንቦት 24 2019

Review overview
  • Temesgen May 27, 2019

    DIA and his MAFIA cartel HGDEF orchestrated a drama on independence day by deploying heavily armed mercenaries(paid militias and personal guards mostly teweligies) on the streets of Asmara and other cities, filled the stadium with old Deke-Arba men/women(paid), and corrupt military officers who reaped millions from illicit trough. All this political clown circus was meant to hoodwink both the Eritrean people and foreign media.
    In his speech at the stadium he deliberately avoided the challenging demands of nation such as the constitution, political prisoners, border demarcation, peace accord with Ethiopia, Whereabouts of the revenues from Bisha Gold Mines and 2 Eritrean ports and so forth, Instead he was saying he is going to evaluate cautiously the political , economic, social and security situations of the nation. What a funny answer? How can you be part of the solution, when you are the cause of the problem? That is to be expected from a criminal thug such as DIA who has nothing to offer other than lies and deception. Are you not the one who is occupying the political office illegally without the consent of the Eritrean people? Are you not the one who is ruling without a constitution and national assembly? Are you not the one who plunged Eritrea into a diplomatic crisis? Are you not the one who squandered billions of dollars/30 000 lives by igniting border conflict with neighboring countries? Are you not the one who destroyed Eritrean industrial/education infrastructure? Are you not the one who subjugated our youth to indefinite slave labor(military service)? Are you not the who forced our youth to flee the country? by depriving the country of its young reproductive/labor force. Are you not the one who ethnically cleansed Eritrea? If you are willfully blind, see the people around you. Are you not the one who signed the sovereignty of Eritrea by signing secretive agreements with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia? Are you not the one who stole/still steal the revenues generated from Bisha gold mines and Eritrean ports? You represent failure, destruction, corruption, manipulation and incompetence. You speech on may 24, 2019 was just another ploy to prolong your grip on power until your death. Believe me that is not going to happen!