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ATV: ስነጥበበኛታት ሃገራት ኒል ፡ ብሓባር ኣብ ዘካየዱዎ ምርኢት ብኤርትራዊ ኢብራሂም ፋኑስ ዝተደርፈት ናይ ትግረ ደርፊ – `ኣሰናይ`

Review overview
  • PAULOS May 13, 2020

    excellent work of art thank you brother

  • Zeregabir Teaghes May 13, 2020

    Asenayna, ajokha.
    Seni kurub tu abshiru.
    Hope I will be watching this in Asmara after the doom of HGDF.
    My eyes are in tears while listening the music.
    Weled Seydna sejeret nay Mogoraib dib ayne metset-nay Ghindifil sejeret la alet-t.a

  • Mulu May 13, 2020

    Thank you ATV for showing us this uplifting musical show of our country. Eventhough I do not understand tigre, I have always loved tigre music. It is also important to introduce our culture to the world. Thank you again.