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ATV: ምዕጻው University of Asmara ን ኩነታት ላዕለዋይ ትምህርቲ ኤርትራን – ዶር ጨፈና ሃ/ማርያም – ዶር ተ/ማርያም መሓሪ – 3ይ ክፋል

Review overview
  • Fmr Student and Colleague February 20, 2019

    Dear Assenna,
    Warm Greetings.
    When I saw Dr. Chefena Hailemariam and Dr. Tesfay Mehari speaking on the ATV, it evoked of my experience in Asmara University and later at Agarfa (a make shift university after we were moved from Asmara University). I was once a student of Asmara University until 1982 EC. Dr Chefena taught me a course called News Writing and his wife Mrs. Sarah Okbay, another course called Transformational Grammar. They were really amazing instructors. We were supposed to finish at the end of 1983 EC, and we (all prospective graduates) were writing our senior essays in Agarfa until the Derg brought more than ca.50 Anbessa buses and forced us out to Blate Military Training Camp. We left all our instructors, including Dr. Chefena and his wife there, and only God knows where they left for afterwards.

    When it comes to Asmara University, it was one of the best few universities in Ethiopia at that time. In almost all departments in Addis Ababa University, its curricula were very much appreciated, and I was observing very positive attitudes to this university. Many of us who founded Mekelle University in 1984 EC were students/graduates of Asmara University. I wonder where the other instructors in the Department of English in Asmara University are now: Tecle Gebremusie, Medhanie H/Michael, Fisehaye, Mohamod Ghelaway (from Tigre/Blen?), Sarah Okbay, Tesfay, Prof Gabriela, Thomas (both were from Italy), Rezene psychology, and many others of course.

    Asmara University was, like Addis Ababa University, a mother of knowledge for many Ethiopians as well.
    I really feel very bad to know that this once great university has not progressed and is not doing well. I always hope that better days will come to this university.

    Best regards,

    • Sarah Ogbay February 21, 2019

      Fmr Student and Colleague,
      Wonderful and Great Memory! I am impressed that after so many years your remember everyone with such a detail!