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ATV: ማህደር ሰማእታት ኤርትራ – ኣልቡም 2 – June 2020

Review overview
  • Sintayehu November 7, 2020

    Breaking REPORT
    I am working with Abiy Ahmed..
    i have decided to tell you something which is the truth.
    Did you remember when President came to Ethiopia?
    They had a big agreement between them
    1) He signed it to give Asseb port to Ethiopia. They have agreed a lot of things , but this one is one of the biggest one.
    So all Eritrean must know know this. Isaias himself is himself the order for the civil war as well.
    2) Their biggest agreement also that after they will defeat for Tigray, and all Eritrean Military force will be disarmed. These are their biggest conscipercies. Isaias must know that ;;Eritrea has already sold to Ethiopia.

    This is not my email guys