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ATV: መግለጺ ጳጳሳት ካቶሊካዊት ቤተክርስትያን ብምኽንያት ምዕጻው ሕክምናዊ ኣገልግሎት – 15 ሰነ 2019

Review overview
  • Khalid June 16, 2019

    ጀጋኑ ጳጳሳት ፥ ህዝቢ ኣብ ጎንኹም ኣሎ።
    እዚ ሽፍታ ጉጂለ ክሳብ ዝእለ ፥ ጾሎትኩም ኣይብኮረና።
    ኣጆኹም ፥ ክወግሕ እዩ።

    • PATRIOT AKELEGUZETAY June 19, 2019

      As a person who grew up in the environs of Segeneyti area, I have seen the destruction the dictator inflicted on our church and our people. May god rid us of this man quickly, heal our wounds, bless us with peace and re-unite all our people.

  • Berhe Tensea June 16, 2019

    This isad , the dictator allowed to harm Eritreans as much as he can.

  • Gezae June 19, 2019

    In reflecting on Church and state relations in Eritrea, I want not simply to talk about two kinds of institution, but about one particular area of political and religious thought where I very strongly the concerns on our understands on the Separation. of Church and State In other words, the church should not rule over the state, and the state cannot rule over the church. Separation of church and state is too important.concept. However, interpretation of the principle has been ambiguous:even here in the USA. Hence as a concept, we need to understand vividly the wall of separation between the church. and the state. So understanding is the most urgent intellectually and politically.

    All we hear are alien sounds, motivating unspeakable acts. If we can hear political theology speaking in a more recognizable tongue democracy and human rights, represented by people in familiar dress with familiar names, perhaps then we can remind ourselves how the Eritrea looks from its perspective. As a matter of fact.what so ever said what any religion must respect and honor their earthly or natural authorities. But this does not mean the government should rule without taking religion into account. To put the matter even more simply, we need to acknowledge the wall of separation goes both ways; not only the government from meddling by religious organizations, but protects religious organizations from interference with the practice of their beliefs by government as long as those beliefs do not require actions that break laws not related to religious practice.

    • Alazar June 20, 2019

      Indeed Mr Gezae, politics should never be mixed with religion.
      Similarly, any church or mosque leaders should never be involved in politics, period.

  • Temesgen June 19, 2019

    Why do repressive regime led by criminal gangs like DIA/HGDEF feel threatened by the church?
    1) The church draws its spiritual authority/consent from the existing international institutions and its respective worshippers, whereas the criminal gangs (DIA/HGDEF) have neither legal authority nor legitimacy to run the country. That is why the cross, the life giving symbol of God’s self-giving love & justice scares them to death. Christians never pledge their allegiance to murderers, thieves, criminals, oppressors, dictators etc.
    2) Christianity in its essence is a faith of freedom that inspires its followers to stand up against any form of injustice. They also have the amazing capacity to organize for change (the solidarity movement in Poland that brought an end to soviet totalitarianism). That is why repressive regimes fear that organizational power and capacity and move to intimidate, detain or kill Christian leaders who spearhead freedom and justice efforts.
    3) Their value system is also different. Christianity is not primarily a system of government. It is about a relationship with God and with a neighbor. That is why Christian values impact and shape a culture and a society. It is these values that come in sharp contrast with the values of murderers, thieves, criminals and dictators. The Christian faith is about putting others first and rejecting selfishness. It is about sharing the good gifts of creation rather than trying to seize and grab the most.
    4) Churches that run/operate efficient educational, health and social institutions become a thorn in the eye for a DO NOTHING parasitic regime such as HGDEF that can deliver only lies, deceptions and persecutions.
    What a shame to see criminal regime soldiers going after church property & church alms boxes!!!

  • Khaled June 20, 2019

    “What a shame to see criminal regime soldiers going after church property & church alms boxes!!!”


    They dictatorial regime is targeting the people. They are denying people even basic health care.
    I don’t think they care much about Church property as such, but only when these institutions provide basic services to people. The aim of this illegal actions is to let people without any help.
    They keep tightening the nose but people do not react, but for how long ?