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ATV: መተዓብይቲ ደቀምሓረን ከባቢኣን ኣብ ስቶክሆልም (ሽወደን) ብስሙር ድምጺ `ይኣክል፡ ምልካዊ ስርዓት ካብ ስልጣን ውረድ` ይብሉ

Review overview
  • Thomas March 17, 2019

    Good to say enough is enough, this is what we all Eritreans er echoing at this time. But this should be in the name of Eritreans as citizens. Considering the political sensitivity of group politics, particurly in the region where we are, let us come together as citizens, not as groups of a particular village, region or religion.. I am critizing what this couragoues young brothers are doing, but let us be extra careful. AS HISTORY WITNESSED WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER!

    • Thomas March 17, 2019

      Sorry I mean “I am not critizizing what these couragoues young brothers are doing”

  • Fnoe-selam March 18, 2019


    I appreciate the civility of people like Thomas above. But at times it is good to call a spade a spade. I find posting such posts (‘dubbed here ebay dekembare…’) nothing more than a publicity stunt and wasteful for the following reasons:

    1. It distracts us from the most important objective, which is uniting our individual efforts to a formidable force and defeat the very ills we are trying to rid ourselves from. At this moment, most Eritreans have come to, a, similar conclusion that we deserve better and the government in Eritrea does not represent us. So, gathering a few people and writing on basis of neighborhood, region or city and wrongly dubbing it deki XYZ (ደቂ እዚን እቲን ከባቢ) is neither genuine nor constructive. I am sure these individuals have neither the mandate nor the number to represent Dekemhare or region in Dekemhare for that matter. The individuals here are entitled to cherish their common experience attached to a given location. That is what we call heritage, isn’t it? So, keep it private and use it for your personal enjoyment.

    2. The issue we are trying to address are Eritrean national issues and there are many more Eritreans in Sweden (with about 23 000 additional arrivals after 2002, check out which gives more options for better and constructive alternatives of organizing yourselves. Being unable to transcend your neighborhood scale and find common grounds with your compatriots is more of a burden than virtue. The worst, we as individuals or small groups, can do is highjack the national agenda into neighborhood, clan and other sectarian gatherings. So, please choose a wiser method (ብቁልቁል ዄንኩም ልዕሌኹ ዘሎ እምኒ ኣይትፈንቅሉ)

    There are quite a few enlightened Eritrean movements that are striving to transcend the nonsense of sectarian ways of thinking in Stockholm. Make a little effort and come out of your confort zone to find them and coordinate you with them. Trying to just work with the people you grew up or who are from the same regianal/religiouse/city/cultural background as you are is a weakness and is a sign of close-mindedness. If you can’t step up to the plate and find a common ground to coordinate with your compatriots and contribute your share, it is probably a good idea to reign yours urges. ወድሓንኩም!

  • Mussie March 18, 2019

    Good job meteabyti deki dekemhare. I do not understand why Fnoe-selam gave long advice? or tintena. What I want to tell you is this brave youngsters they are from Eritrea specifically from Dekemhare a city in Eritrea . You can also say yeakil with your friends. It seems like you do not like the Yeakil challenge going on by Eritreans.

    • Thomas March 18, 2019

      No it is not mussie, what we mean is do not give room for the dictator to divide us. Let us be together as citizens so we look and we are much stronger to defeat the dictator. No question, we love the village or the city where we grew up.

  • fnote-selam March 18, 2019

    Selam Mussie,
    That is rather easy to question my conviction than look at it from our current state of affairs. If you are honest it will not be lost to you how difficulty it is to transcend the regional barrier and the mistrust that is berried underneath. An effort to bring People together using Eritrean citenzenship as a common denominator is very often met with cold response unless it comes from a narrower group that people identify with. Now, to make my point clear, if these brothers’ effort was made from Dekemhare i would have been uplifted. but it was done from Stockholm and you are telling me they happen to choose their friends from the same neighborhood they grew up at, right?
    If any one feels i am taking this issue further than it deserves, i appologise and i have no intention of persuing it any more. However, i would like to assure you my points are based on my past experience and i claim to have a fairly good knowledge of Scandinavia.

  • Hagherawi March 19, 2019

    To say ” enough is enough ” with your childhood friends is good.
    But saying it with all groups from Akeleguzai would be better.
    Saying it with all Eritreans from other regions would exellent.
    As long as Eritrea is in our hearts and minds, and we are ready to work with others at national level, (although there are always more than a way, or rather better ways to do it), it’s ok.
    National unity is our priority one.