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ATV: ሕድሪ ብግብሪ !! ንሰማእታትና ክንሰርሓሎም እንኽእል ነባሪ ሓወልቲ ፡ ልዕልና ሕጊ ዝሰፈና ቅዋማዊት ኤርትራ ምትካል እዩ! – Amanuel Eyasu

Review overview
  • Mulu Beiene June 9, 2020

    Empty promises year in and year out for 29 years, and never run out of new slogans. The Eritrean people also keep on hoping for some good news coming out from Isayas in every occasion. But now it seems they have given up on him, hoping and praying for some miracle of change. A change can come like what we are witnessing in the USA, with the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, which created an uprising all over the world. Change is over due in our country, our people is suffering for too long While we remember june 20th martyres day, we all have to ask ourselves are we doing what we need to do to fulfill their vision?, SO THEY CAN REST IN PEACE.
    Thank you Amanuel Eyasu as always for the excellent presentation.

  • rezen June 9, 2020

    Humble FREE Response

    “Empty promises year in and year out for 29 years, and never run out of new slogans.”

    Very sad to say, the above seventeen words said it ALL Daringly, adding to it a mystical expression, ERITREA needs NO ENEMY — it is ITS OWN SELF to make ITSELF miserable !!! . If proof is needed, it is NOT difficult to point out i.e. Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch. Yes, Issayas was a creation of ERITREA ITSELF!!! If this is emotionally denied then WE ERITREANS must be OBLIGED to explain to OURSELVES,, by OURSELVES of how ONE SINGLE MORTAL human being was able to manipulate FIVe (5) MILLION people — in broad day light.. If Eritreans were able to go through and achieved the LIBERATIOn of ERITREA, in thirty-year period of time, how is it possible for a single mortal human creature to bring down the entire gallant people of Eritrea under his boots ??? . If,Dear Readers find comfortable cover to recite historical phenomenon of Hitler, Mussolinin, Stalin ……X, Y, Z …….. it is you free choice, in a free country outside our tiny PRISON ..ERITREA,, which does not belong to us anymore. Go ahead, Dear Eritreans, “insulting” each other is a cheap commodity or as our proverb goes, go ahead and knock the door to your physical ability– if NOT mentality.. AMEN -INSHALLAH (in alphabetical order, please) THE END

    Thank you for the SPACE and Patience.

    • rezen June 9, 2020

      To: Editor
      Please delete the above version, which is replaced by the second version. I was confused. Thanks for your patience.