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Review overview
  • Ghebrezghi August 23, 2019

    Dear Amanuel, I really admire and appreciate what you’re doing. I also appreciate the former combatants, like Ato Tesfai Temnewo, for sharing their experiences in the struggle for independence. Amanuel, I have one suggestion when engaging your guests. Please ask them pointed and prepared questions (not something in the spur of the moment) and fully allow them to speak their mind. I observe that you knowingly or unknowingly interject and re-directing their response to fit your preconceived notions on what things might have been or should be. Step back and allow them to be themselves and can tell us their experiences according to what they know. In short, ask them pointed questions and do not expend too much energy to add the experiences of other people. Thanks a lot!

  • Wedi Hagher August 23, 2019

    He should avoid what is known as “leading questions”. In such cases, a hint to the expected answer is embedded in the question asked. They lead the interviewee to say something they want him/her to say. This is the way things work in totalitarian systems.
    Amanuel is doing a great job.
    He has started engaging nationalists from diverse groups and backgrounds. The fact that now Assenna TV is watched in Asmara is a great success for him personally.

  • Ghebrezghi Shimhalal August 23, 2019

    “HaQi tikuN SanDaka!
    HaQi teZareb. HaQi NiElamaka! HaQi teZareb.” This was one of the many favorite songs I learned. growing up.

    The interviewees’’ experiences in Assenna’s Hiwotna Program is diverse and an extremely important subject to truth and reconciliation. We must know the whole truth in order to build a better bridge to the future. The information being shared is very critical to our continuity as people of a sovereign nation, as well. We cannot afford not to learn the truth so as to avoid making the same historical mistakes, again.

    I thank Amanuel and the participants in this program for doing an awesome job!.The witnesses are sharing some revealing information and their independent as well as collective experiences in the field. Regardless of their struggles,I see them as fair and passionate combatants. Most of all, I see them as heroes and pillars of our history! However, this is the tip of the iceberg, All indications show there’s more. In this regard,. I am afraid to say that there are also other live persons who took active part in our revolution and could have done more. Specifically, I strongly believe that Mesfin Hagos, Andebrehan Woldegiorgis, and Adhanom Ghebremariam ought to come clean and redeem the time to tell us about their true experiences in their struggle for independence as well as the last twenty eight years. This is not a misprint! They have an obligation to the Eritrean people who gave their children’s precious lives from all walks of life to secure a sovereign ERITREA!. If you’re an Eritrean, but are choosing to standby while listening to the above experiences and are not moved by in anyway, I really question your existence as Being. There are no more valid excuses to make. The time to tell the truth and leave a lasting legacy to your posteriors is NOW. That’s the only way to reconcile with the past. That’s the ultimate truth that you’ll be judged and remembered by. Still, that’s your choice to make. Thank you!