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ATV:እዋናዊ ዜና፡ ኣብ ከሰላ ኣብ መንጎ ቀቢላታት በኒዓምርን ኑባን ክካየድ ብዝቐነየ ግጭት ሓያለ ሰባት ሞይቶም

Review overview
  • Mike May 13, 2020

    I suppose Racism still does exsit in Black Africa:

    It is sure is sad to see many losing their lives for minor confrontation:

    I could not help it but wonder how this “eye witness” is using words cavalierly…. he goes on saying ….”these Blacks or black tribes….. and also adds to that , if I am not mistaken, dropping the N word”. I wonder if this “eye witness” had a chance to drop by some of our inner cities for a year or two and find out for himself. Regardless of the “eye witness’s” reporting this person clearly has some inherent bias towards these Sudanese tribe. I wonder if he is white or any other non-black tribe? Just wondering some times how people are oblivious (to put it kindly) to the us of words.

    Hope they make peace and restore their old harmony

    • Wedi Hagher May 13, 2020

      Although it has yet to be verified and confirmed, it looks like the usual sad African story, where armies controlled by ethnic elites annihilate communities perceived as enemies of the State.

      • k.tewolde May 13, 2020

        What and who could fuel animosity between these 2 displaced tribes and benefit from it given the ongoing and shifting geopolitical situation at hand? you guessed it. The more chaotic the situation,the better for the players,supply the tribe of their choice the weapons and they will do the job they intend to be done.There is imdadat full of weapons in the area including the one I left behind.It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure this out Wedi Hager,as long as this rich fertile soil of tribal,religious and there the authoritarian farmers there always have a field day sawing their seeds and harvesting plenty in return.The Eritrean/African saga continues.

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