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At UN, Gabon Begins Move for More Sanctions on Eritrea in UNSC

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive UNITED NATIONS, October 14, updated -- For days as the Eritrean Permanent Representative Araya Desta has been checking and re-checking the Security Council, Gabon's Permanent Representative Nelson Messone has been speaking

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, October 14, updated — For days as the Eritrean Permanent Representative Araya Desta has been checking and re-checking the Security Council, Gabon’s Permanent Representative Nelson Messone has been speaking to other member’s ambassadors one by one.

When Inner City Press asked Messone what project he was working on, Messone laughed it off. Desta meanwhile said that the next step would be Eritrea’s submission of its “comprehensive response” to charges that it, among other things, planned to bomb the Africa Union summit in Addis Ababa. “We will never give in,” Desta told Inner City Press.

On Friday morning outside the so-called “horizon briefing” of the Council by the UN Department of Political Affairs, sources told Inner City Press that the topics in the closed meeting included Somalia, Madagascar and “sanctions.”

Then Inner City Press heard that Gabon would be circulating a draft resolution for new sanctions on Eritrea.

Then one source then another said that new Eritrea sanctions were mentioned in the consultations Friday morning.  Diplomats from Eritrea’s neighbors came down to the stakeout…..

Update of 12:50 pm — As the Security Council meeting broke up, it was confirmed that Gabon is circulating the draft Eritrea sanctions resolution, and that South Africa is not a co-sponsor. Inner City Press asked US Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis if the US is a co-sponsor of the resolution. “Nothing for you today,” he said.

Subsequently another Permanent Five member’s representative told Inner City Press that confidentiality was a major topic in the consultations – although not mostly directed at the topic of Eritrea. More to follow.

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  • True Eritrean October 17, 2011

    Selamat deki Erey,
    don’t be misled; a lot of the people that are leaving comments in here are either true Tegaru /aagames, or (to a lesser extent) Eritreans that have committed criminal acts in Eritrea and now have no place they can call home. Soo, don’t waste responding to their comments.
    Let’s remember, our biggest enemy are the ones with the biggest clouts at the Security Council calling for unjust and illegal sanctions against Eritrea–let’s direct our energy to those entities.

    • sam October 17, 2011

      if push come to shuve your leader or GOYTAKA issayas is the biggest AGAME in Eritrea. so if your his supporter i do not think you would want to bring that issue I am very sure he would feel very an easy about it. by the way he will be long gone before you smarten up.

    • arcobaleno October 17, 2011

      Once again a slave has spoken . you call yourself to be a true eritrean? When you see that justice is being highjacked everyday in eritrea. a land without Constitution, a police state, addi Shefatu, How can you have the cheek to defend a mad man like your Boss. I think you suffer a mental blackout. open your eyes, your ears and walk around to see what is surrounding you. Testa di cavolo!!!!

    • aman October 17, 2011

      true eritrean

      you are the most deluded person ever to comment on the site . my friend we all have been mislead by wedi medhn berad[DIA]and his cronies for some time untill we realise where they leading us to.if you going to comment about criminal acts commited by so called eritreans like DIA,MONKEY,KESHa ,charli and manymore alike I guess u are right because they are not eritreans .untill you wake up from your coma you wouldnot know the meaning of being eritrean.

    • Isayas October 17, 2011

      Do not entertain the unpleasant news of sanctions. follow the stepfoot here you have the catch phrase of your boss, DIA…
      “we have never raised the issue, not even for one minute”, ” we never spent a single sleepless night thinking about it” and so on and so forth. The PDFJ ( popular front for dictatorship and Jail), unrepresentative of the Eritrean people has failed to demonstrate the least level of diplomatic and political sagacity. Sanction is in the offing not against the people but against the anti social group. Why do you have to worry about people being tygraway or woyane, you don’t care about sanctions, democracy, rule of law, legitimacy, regional and international relations anyways. You are indulging in the blood and clamour of the people, living like fools only to end up like fools.

      • Huluf, October 18, 2011


        Don’t you get it. The people of Eritrea have been sanctioned. Their kids serve like laboroers for 20 years, their religions abused( Tewhdo Patriarch removed by Issaya’s messengers Unionist Yoftahe Keshi Dimetros), brilliant Eritreans fighters frozen, Miliatry and Political geniuses jailed, consitituion closed and in dust. Do me a favor …google You tube Mengistu Hailemariam and watch his last two years. Issu is in the exact parallel.

    • Huluf, October 18, 2011

      “True Eritrean”

      I watched most of the people that bring originality or who is pure and real Eritrean. I came to a conclusion they are ususally people who have no confidence of their origin , and I get it in Eritrea it is difficult to hide. So they go way overboard to declare and be santized Eritrean. Hence seb key tewokeka you changed your name or pseudonym you subconsciously selected “True Eritrean”. Often times subconsciously we do and consciously we display the fear…You are displaying just that. You are probably related or affilation by emotion to some in the leadership of Eritrea. Quit talking non sense. Eritrea is accomodating to all….if you respect the rule of our traditions and honor people. Stay on topic.
      I challenge your DIA just for one week allow a different voice rather than sing same song for 20 years….only one week send TV Eri crew and let people…. I challenge the confidence they have in their people…..Bidho, open the Eri TV to people opinion globally no eidting. ONLY ONE WEEK.! Eritreans do not need to be woyane or anticountry for they have shed their blood to their country…. Voice is power…but DIA has silenced it.

    • Moke Gebre October 19, 2011

      For once, please try to talk about the subject at hand. Don’t just jump to attacking the person/persons who gave their opinion on whatever issue is at hand. Do not repeatedly commit fallacies. If the issue is sanctions on Eritrea, stick to that and talk about it; in favor or against it. If you do not have anything sensible to say, just shut up…

    • daniel woldu October 30, 2011

      tough sunction to dictater Issias regime and change to eritrean people is the only solution to bring free and justice to eritrea

  • Semhar October 17, 2011

    To all Eritreans all over the world!

    You live in a land of the free that runs smoothly by constitution.
    Why are you supporting the tyrant dictator to rule ERITREA with out constitutions?

    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!
    Let freedom ring in Ethiopia!
    Let freedom ring in Sudan!
    Let freedom ring in Somalia!
    Let freedom ring in Kenya!
    Let freedom all over the world.

    All we need is to have a CONSTITUTION and abide by it.

  • awet October 17, 2011

    Unfortunately, now I know that you support the DIA and the merciless political system he created to control and oppress its own people. For how long do we have to wait until the dictator shows any sign of change of heart? Ask for yourself, what would be the worst case scenario for Eritreans if the proposed sanctions were to be implemented? Leave the country in droves or will we wait for handouts from our kins abroad? Isn’t this happening as never before in our history? As rightly commented above, by some compatriots, we have been sanctioned for the last 10 years by the regime we thought once was one of us! To be honest, we Eritreans have become the victims of our honesty and trust. Please don’t play the fear game…. by mentioning the so called the “our enemies” Weyane, Ethiopia, America, the West….. I don’t think that this type of politics any place whatsoever in our society in general and the youth in particular. It is about time that the regime starts to understand our suffering!

  • addis October 17, 2011

    You dont know the will of god.

    • Huluf October 22, 2011


      At least I do not close my eyes from Truth like you do and have the fear of God….whic is the begining of knowledge.

  • GOOD MAN October 18, 2011


  • Gaul Medefera(rahel) October 18, 2011

    True Eritrean:
    what are you talking about ? you are the exact copy of your dump leader.
    when people oppose you and your regime.. you call him…Weyane, Ethiopian,Tigrian,Agame, Tegrau… and alot of names
    If you really wise you know what The PDFJ ( popular front for dictatorship and Jail) is doing in Eritrea and
    are you going to deny Eritrean citizenship for these who are escaping from PDFJ ( popular front for dictatorship and Jail)?
    ofcourse you did it already but u cannot do that on practical…
    and i am sure sooner or latter you will be taken to prison by PDFJ ( popular front for dictatorship and Jail) or you are now finding a hole to go out of the hell…
    so think what are getting our people? think why is Eritrea the number one in the world in refuges?
    again you will not have an issue to reply, only insulting..?