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Assenna Video: BOLOGNA WITNESSED – Italian creative artists awakening our dead while Eritrean Zombies danced on their grave – Bologna, Piazza Maggiore – Saturday, July 5, 2014

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  • Truly Truly i say to you July 8, 2014

    Who is by the way minister Woldemichael Abreha the appointed deputy Eritrean president, who opened this shameful Bologna Festival? Is he like others PFDJ zombie ministers or he is a little better? i didn´t know and listen much about him weather he is god or bad person, wicked or intelligent person. Actualy he has human face with little charisma to the post, but does he have human brain and capability? In one side i do not think he has brain, since in wrong time and place when accept to open this shameful festival afterr Lampadusa, but other side who knows because he good intelegent person , but Isyas as usual after temporarily used and instrumentalized but finally after defamtion like he excuting others fool, may finally also because planned systematical to excute this guy could be. Anyway those you know him, it was better if a little you could inform us about him (Biography.)Is he real Dekebat or Deki Arba? If Tewolje does he really love Eritrea and the people? Or is he like Isyas vindictive and shady person?