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  • rezen June 27, 2015

    Part II
    The above suggestions, of course, need to be examined carefully as it involves management and financial considerations. It must be well thought out undertaking. But with the exemplary stamina of Assenna Foundation it is possible—at least seriously considering it.
    Under normal circumstances another route could have been appropriately used to advance the cause of Eritrea, as well as protecting the socioeconomic factors of Diaspora in their adopted countries. As I have suggested in a number of commentaries, the establishment of Eritrean Community Organizations (ECO) in every county; in every town; in every city in the world – with Representative ECO’s in five Regions around the Globe — would have done the job. I would have mentioned an excellent Eritrean example of such an ‘organizational structure’ but, I am afraid, I would perhaps offend many good readers during this emotional period of time – after all, a quarter of a century is not long enough to heal the historical wound of Eritrea. I better STOP here before exceeding my allotted space of limitation. But, before I do, I wish to thank, once again, for their invaluable service and eagerly waiting for their promise>>>”ክቡራት ተኸታተልቲ ኣሰና ሰፊሕ ዜናን ናይ ቪድዮ ምስክርነትን ኣብ ቀጻሊ ከነቕርበልኩም ኢና። “