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ASSENNA NEWS: ኣይበልናን ዶ! – Poem by Amanuel Eyasu – June 29, 2018

Review overview
  • መፍቀሬ ኢየሱስ June 29, 2018

    ይበል ዘረባ!
    የቐንየልና ኣማኑኤል። ኣብ ልቢ ኤርትራውያን የሕድሮ።

    ሰላም ብፍትሒ፡ ሃገር ብሕጊ፡ ብቕዋም ብወግዒ እዩ ዝኸውን።

    ንሕበር፡ ንስመር፡ ብሓደ እንተ ተጓዒዝና ውልቀ መላኺ ኣይከርክበናን ኢዩ።

  • Michael Tesfamariam June 29, 2018

    Impressive, and well written and communicated gut-wrenching piece of poem indeed, thanks Amanuel, we love you guy though we badly need you to detach yourself from these 70 plus fragmented pile of garbage called “opposition” for nothing, who are now extremely excited and freaked out as a frenemy between Issais and Amhara is unfolding. They don’t even have the appetite to come to grips with reality that this shadow affection between Issais and Amhara will aggravate the situation in Eritreans so deep. This pretentious Muslim Abey Ahmaed Shek is warbling “peace” between the two countries as a cover up to exploit the desperation and vulnerability of Eritreans for his own demotic political ends, and it is an effective strategy for him to woo Amhara by throwing the people of Tigray under the bus. If PM Abey is to stay grabbing power perhaps for the next 25 years, he should be able to satisfy the desire and ego of Amhara by restoring their feudalistic ambitions and outdated perceptions that they are superior to the rest of Ethiopians. No matter what peace between Amhara and HGDEF must be rebuffed.

  • Free Eritrea- Russom June 30, 2018

    Thanks Amaniel for your prolific and captivating poem with dexterity,. One would expect that a poem of that magnitude galvanize every breathing soul in the nation to swarm the apparatus of the pernicious and sordid dictator turn into ashes, Its generals furious for action that enough is enough. The madness had gone too far.
    Indeed, the dictator had not yet satiated with years disappearance and massacre the chosen children of the nation that he is now conspiring another to annihilate the nation of its existence..
    All the intention of the dictator is now exposed. It was not any more spurious rumors but real of his intention..
    Are those generals would again be standby observers again after G-15 and would repeat mistakes again at the expense of the love ones; brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and cousins and above all heroes who gave their life
    Time will tell and your love ones are ruminating.hoping for your proper response to present olive branch that peace in the nation prevails free at last…

  • senkam July 1, 2018

    Eritrea may be on track to cease as independent country.

    If we don’t come together and act as a unit that is what is on the cards of the delapidating despotic old man. If he succeed we have no one to blame but ourselves. This is the most opportune time for Ethiopia to extend a life line for the decaying tyrant and rewarded a place in Eritrea or even the entire country. The events of federation & annexation are coming full swing. The border will remain undemarcated and may serve as a reciepe for another round of dispute.

    wake up people !!!

  • nadia July 2, 2018

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, We are proud of you, please don’t give up fighting for me and others like me, you are our freedom and our voice, thanks a lot.