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ASSENNA NEWS : ኢሰያስ ደላዪ ሰላም ድዩ? ዓርቢ – 22 06 2018

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea June 23, 2018

    Excellent analysis . This dictator is accountable to no one,, your points are logical, his main plan is only on how to prolong his grip on power.
    This bastard may also change his mind any time, as for our people the only solution is his death and departure to hell his everlasting home.
    Death to the dictator/son of mama Alemash of Adwa’s tabia laelay and puppets.

  • ናትና ንግበር June 23, 2018

    ሰላም ሓው እስቲፋኖስ ተመልሶ
    ንዝሃብካዮ ታርኽ ሓዘልን ቅኑዕ ትንተናን ኣዝየ ከየድነቕኩኻ ክሓልፍ ኣይደልን። ናይ ኢሳያስ ተንኮልን እከይ ተግባራትን ገና ንብዙሕ ኤርትራዊ ተሸፊንዎ ስለዘሎ ከም’ዚ ናትካ ኣገላልጻ ኣገዳሲ ስላዝኾነ ኩሉ ክእለትን ዓቕምን ዘለዎ ደላይ ፍትሒ ክጽሕፍ ክተባባዕ ዘለዎ ሓቂ’ዩ። ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ለውጢ ዝርአ ዘሎ ኢትዮጵያውያን ንመሰሎም ተቢዖም ስለዝሓተቱን ክሰምዕ ዝኽእል መሪሕነት ወይ ባይቶ ስለዘለዎምን ኣብ’ዚ በጺሖም። ኣብ ስደት ዝነብሩ ምእዙዛት ህግደፍ ደቆምን ስድ-ራቤቶምን ሓቝፎም ሳላ ቅኑዕ መሪሕነት ህግደፍ ላሳ ዝጸናዕና ብምባል ንርእሲኦም ተታሊሎም ንውጹዕ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከታልሉ ስለዘይሓፍሩ ኣብ ግጉይ መንገዲ ከምዘለው ካብ ምንጋር ድሕር ከይበልና ክንሰርሓሉ ይግበኣና።

  • ናትና ንግበር June 23, 2018

    መታለልን ሓሳውን ኢሰያስ ንህወሓት ጸወታ ተወዲኡ ዝበሎም ንህግደፍ’ውን ጸወታ ከምዝተወድአ ዝረስዖ ይመስለኒ።

  • Mike June 23, 2018

    I will be all over the map but will get back to my point – not sure if a point or just my 2 cents worth
    At every turn the Eritrean leadership is caught with their pants down. This time, Eritrean leadership found a life line. This chance is a miracle and don’t mess it up this time and do not blink on it..

    As an opinion, if I were an Ethiopian, I would have put the army stay on current place without pulling back the army. But with this chance, Eritrean leaders have nothing but to bow down to fresh and young leader in Ethiopia and has to send delegation to meet up with Ethiopian leaders. Eritrea is ruined culturally, socially, economically, and morally. Division of Eritrean people and rejection of their own history is every corner. Some even reject the very fabric they are Eritreans. Blame has always been USA, Ethiopia, France, ….the blame goes on and on. As an observer, it clearly displays the moral and level of understanding of Eritreans in the world we live in. Again this is the result of current Eritrean leaders corrupt and moral degradation.

    To the Eritrean opposition leaders/parties -every opposition group also failed to come up with a solution. All exhibited a social and structural collapse of Eritrean society. A society never had standing government and knew respect to authority. That, structural collapse, also could be traced back to current leadership “rule of law” since their coming to power. Getting back to the opposition leadership – your class and clan mentality gives no confidence that you could do any better than current leaders in Eritrea. Take this chance to revisit your path and make a change and stop leaving on past glory.

    To those who are elit Eritreans – Action is better than delivering speeches and books. Lead by example and walk for fairness and just. If you are better for your have some education then that is what differentiate you to look beyond – look for a moment like the surprise leader in Ethiopia.

    Back to the point, if I could get back to the topic, current leader in Eritrea is no good. His intention is on his actions and words although a fact of old age has taken its course from here on. It is still crucial, yet, that the few who are driven to amend and make peace in the horn fight as hard as ever. Luckily, Isayas has gotten a life line but his bargain now will be the refugee in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopian PM- way cleaver and hope your words stay steady with blessings! Well done to those who did countless backdoor communication.