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ASSENNA NEWS: ህይወት ኣብ ክልተ ዓለም – ብ ሰለሙን ብርሃነ ሰንጋል – Monday, June 25, 2018

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  • Ghebrezghi Shimhalal June 26, 2018

    Great job, Solomon! This message should be echoed across Eritrea and beyond! Dear Eritreans, there is no question that our future and existence as a people is at risk in the hands of such Animalistic rulers. No need to be a rocket scientist to understand the pain and suffering of the oppressed people of Eritrea.. We, as a people, have to make a choice: continue to ruled by the law of the jungle or 2. Be governed by a constitutional form of government. If we are people of goodwill and conscience, the choice is clear and not hard. Knowing this truth, the only best way out for the pepole of Eritrea is for them to remove the Draconian leader and his cohorts once and for all, (how? There are many ways and opportunities. just join the many peace and justice groups. Stop asking tactical inquiries!!!) Our end goal should be to implement the 1997 constitution (to lay the foundation for successive governance), and form a constutional government. People, we have the right to express our views regardless of where we live. However, it is more noble to start taking action than simply talking, talking, and talking enledessly. The rights of individuals are natural. The government’s job is to secure and protect the freedoms of the governed. Since we have neither a government nor have any rights as a people, we have the right to remove the existing political group who are hell-bent on destroying our people! Eritrea is looking for doers only!!! Eritrea cannot be saved without taking action. Fighting to secure your freesoms ia your right. Long live the martyrs who died to secure our freedom! Now we must fight for our lost liberity for us and the generation to come. Join the good fight!!! GhebrezghI Shimhalal Tikue