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ASSENNA: Interview with Gebrihiwet Meles – ኣብ እስራኤል ዘለዉ ስደተኛታት ንምጥያስ ምስ UN ዝተበጽሐ ዘሐጒስ ፡ እንተኾነ፡ ቀለሙ ከይነቐጸ ብቀዳማይ ሚኒስተር ናታንያሁ ደስኪሉ ዘሎ ስምምዕ

Review overview
  • NATU April 4, 2018

    Does Guterres care for our people ?

    I really wonder why the UN-Chief could not find a simple solution that these poor people couild peacfully return home – Eritrea (as the majority of the refugees are Eritreans).

    Mr Guterres is by the way the person who was in Kessela in 2007 (?). It is just after this time that these Eritreans were directed with the help of the Rashayda over SINA (slaughter place) to the “Holly” (!) Place Israel..

    What we all Eritreans do not recognize is the social problem of these “single men” who can neither get an apprprate parner nor build a family in Israel. The same problem with the single girls in Eritrea.

    At the end these “refugees” will definitely stay in Israel and strengthen the jews people in their fight againstz the Arabs ( as the falashas that are already in Israel as victim minority). One has also to consider the very agressive Israeli foreign and regional hegemonial policy. Isreal & Saudis has become the allies of Eritrea (=DIA) in the so-called struggle against ISIS.