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Review overview
  • Mike June 21, 2018

    Eritrea has last Chance to bow and take this offer. The back door discussions and this new proposal by Ethiopian PM – is no easy walk. It has resulted on this regardless the crazy lunatic leadership in Eritrea deny the existence of back door discussion. .

    Option 1 – refuse to take the offer by Ethiopian PM and Ethiopia will still hold Eritrean territory and the end would be nowhere near.

    Option 2- this is your last chance. Arrogance served no one and will not serve you anytime in the future.

    Option 3- No war no peace. This is unsustainable. The offer from Ethiopian PM has come as a life line to keep the leadership in Eritrea in power.

    Eritrean delegation heading to Ethiopia better have an answer and do their homework

    My take – I am hoping to visit Peaceful Eritrea where people are free and young kids are not carry guns anymore. Peace to all

  • Jommy June 23, 2018

    . Dear DR.Abey prime MINISTER OF ETHIOPIA. Since you became prime minister you where doing fine, but now you are trying to make peace with the BUCHER OF ERITREA ,THIS BLOOD sucker has been killing torturing imprisoning Eritreans since 1972.Acountry which claimed its independence since 1993 . no CONSTITUTION ,NO VICE PRESIDENT ,NO RULE OF LAW . UNITED NATIONS AND THE REST OF the world has convicted him of human RIGHT abuse .ALL THE TALK YOU ARE TAKING peace rule of law APPLIES ONLY TO ETHIOPIA .YOU ARE JUST LOOKING THE INTEREST OF ETHIOPIA .MOST OF US THOUGHT YOU WILL BE A CHAMPION OF HUMAN RIGHT AND RULE OF LAW IN THE WHOLE EASTAFRICA AND ALTIMATLY TO THE WHOLE OF AFRICA..I THINK AT THE END WE WILL FIND YOU ARE ANOTHER LEADER LIKE ALL THE LEADERS OF AFRICA. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTE