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Review overview
  • Temesgen January 10, 2019

    What DIA & PFDJ hate most is seeing the Eritrean public discuss about the constitution and the restoration of rule of law? That is why they are using distractions such as opening & closing of borders, assassination attempts on Sibhat Efrem, and now the release of prisoners and so forth to shift the focus from the main issue, Distracting the gullible with lies, deceptions and tainted realities with odious rhetoric is intended to divert the Eritrean public towards heated discussion about irrelevant issues. Their motive is the longer the citizenry remains distracted the better and so they manipulate, pull strings and press hot buttons that set us off. The best strategy to foil this PFDJ trap is by keeping the legitimate demands of the Eritrean people (removal of DIA & PFDJ, release of all political prisoners, reinstatement of the national assembly, implementation of the constitution) in the front burner. Let them spin and twist day and night, we refuse to be distracted!!!