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ASSENNA: Atlanta Eritrean Community Festival Opening & Comment by Eritrean Woman – Aug 03, 18

Review overview
  • keshi mars August 4, 2018

    Hello Assenna,

    It is easy to blame someone.

    Let me ask the same question back to the lady,

    1. what did you do to help the Eritrean opposition parties since you became aware of their existence?

    2. Forget about the time from your awareness until this very day you pointed your fingers. Let us think forward, what is your intention and in what capacity are you going to fight the regime in Eritrea?

    3. If you are not committed, do you have a moral stand to blame anyone?

    • Z. Hagos August 5, 2018

      She sounds like she is one of those meskeremnet or awatecom members who day and night ruin and damage the good name of the Eritrean opposition with their infested information. Hand in hand with the regime supporters, these two opposition-against-opposition websites’ members are involved in destroying the reputation of the Eritrean opposition.

      • Aboy Kidane August 5, 2018

        What reputation of the Eritrean opposition you talking about, day dreamer loser.

  • senkam August 4, 2018

    The woman is speaking the truth.
    please take her remark seriously and positively. These questions you raised to question her integrity doesn’t seem appropriate. Let’s take the frustration that the people fell into because of the lack of hope in the opposition as a driving force to do what is expected of the opposition, which requires a lot of give and take and suppressing egos and ambitions. NONE could be achieved if you don’t have the trust of the community.

    Never lose sight of the greater goal. Plans and policies could shift but not the goal.

  • ሰላም August 5, 2018

    እንታይ እዩ እቲ ጽገም? እንታ ዓይነት መርገም እዩ? መንግስቲ ህግደፍ ኩልም ኣሪጎም!! ምርሳዕ ዝጀመሩ ፣ኣስናኖም ረጊፉ ከምድላዮም ክስሕቁ ዘይክእሉ፣ኣብ ኣውሮፕላን ክድይቡን ክወርዱን ዘይከሉ፣ ኢዶም ቀጥቀጥ እንዳበለ ብርዒ ክሕዙ ዘይከሉ።ተቃወምቲ ዝበሃሉ ከኣ ኩሎም ዝሸምገሉ ።ወጮስ ተገልበጥካዮ ወጮ ።ህግደፎምን ተቃወምቶኦምን ንመበል 21 ክፍለዘመን ሃገር ክመርሑ ብቅዓት የብሎምን። ለባማት መነሰያት የለውን ድዮም? ነዞም አገልግሎት ግዜኦም ዝወዳኡ ኣረጋውያን ህግደፍን ተቃወምትን ዝትክኡ ሓድሽ ራኣይ ዘስንቁ ለባማትን በላሕቲ መነእሰያት ካብ ባሕርን ሲናን ዝተረፉ የለዉን ድዮም??

  • Asmerom G Paulos August 6, 2018

    Before you comment about this lady get the facts about do not know her.some of the so called oppositions are the one who destroyed our dream,and they are looser.

  • Genet-Original August 7, 2018

    I understand her frustration. Justice seekers haven’t been serious enough. There have been a lot of bickering about many things. We couldn’t remember what make us justice seekers? when we all agree that our people and Eritrea are in danger at the hand of DIA, we show ego and tend to argue about pity things. We spend valuable time talking about important issues over and over again, rather than putting it into action. Even now, when Eritrea as a nation is being endanger of erased or reveres, some people are concern about Tigraiy people not being part of the Abiy and DIA kumbaya to annex Eritrea all over again. The fact of the matter is Tigrian leaders have been in power for the past 27 years and did absolute noting to help the Eritrean peoples’ cause. In fact they become part of no war no peace to completely destroy the Eritrean society. We need to focus. We need to be selfless in order to achieve justice for out people. We all need to see what is at stake. Prioritize; let us put our people and country first. We need to stop being aimless. we need to remember what our people have paid to have our independence.

    GOD save our people and protect our country Eritrea.

    • Mihret August 7, 2018

      You are a disgraceful disrespectful miserable street woman who doesn’t represent real Eritrean women or Eritrean people in large. Your street ghetto languages have been of typical street thugs.

      • Abrehet K. August 7, 2018

        Mihret habtey,
        I agree 100% with you and with all what you said about this so called disgusting “woman” and also supposedly “Eritrean woman”! She {if she is truly/genuinely a woman} is the most disgusting and uncivilized person, unless she was brought up {as an orphan} by terrible/dreadful Tigrayan wild street dogs she should not be acting like a hooligan throwing insults at every commentator. However, if she was brought up by humans especially a mum then she wasn’t taught any manners or politeness. The gentlemen who probably felt pity and sorry for her should be praised for not sorting her out or responding to her negatively/aggressively.

        • Genet-Original August 7, 2018

          I forgive you for your lack of Empathy. Again you have to be an Eritrean to understand the Eritrean experience. For the past 27 years you (Tigray’s elites) have been privileged to the point of spoiled. Good for you!. Just you know what goes up, it must come down.

      • Genet-Original August 7, 2018

        Why is it so hard for you people (Tigray) to have empathy for the Eritrean people? Is that so hard to feel the pain that we are going through? I am telling the truth that needed to be told. I am an Eritrean and I do represent the majority of Eritreans who feel their people’s bloody cry. Tell me, how do you prefer the real Eritrean woman to act, when her people are physically and psychologically brutalized and they are on the verge of losing their sovereignty? I don’t expect you to understand, bur surprise me.
        God have mercy on you.

        • Mihret August 7, 2018

          You are simply a street empth barking dog and your frustration emanates from not finding your matching barking dog but keep on trying and one of these days you be lucky, your wish will be real. Otherwise, cut all your empty and fake concerns for Eritreans, what have you really been doing all these past hard/dark days and years that is apart from your street thugs rhetoric? Furthermore, if your “pure Eritrean” grandfather was not originally from Tigray then why are you speaking in Tigray-tigrigna and not Eritrea’s-eritrigna language??? Do you think you are actually doing a favor to the Tigrayan people by speaking their tigrigna language??? You disgraceful miserable street woman, go back to your street schools and read real (not fictitious) books and you might just turn into a normal human being. You WILL NOT be more or pure Eritrean by calling us all Tigrayans!!! It just goes to show your sheer ignorance and desperate street low life.

          • Abrehet K. August 8, 2018

            Mihret habtey,
            We have an old tigrigna saying, “ab zeysemiAka debri aytimahilel”.
            Indeed, why are you wasting your valuable time with this disgusting and uncivilized woman (again, if she is really a woman}? All she knows is Tigray this Tigray that halewmelows and shenkolels. She may have been cruelly dumped into wild dogs street at a very young age by her old Tigrayan family and as a result she has all this bitterness, hatred and evil revenge mission. Lets please ignore her just like others who felt sorry for her, she is still in her nightmares of her being abandoned and rejected by her parents as it won’t get any worse than that.

          • Mihret August 8, 2018

            Abrehet habtey maAritey,
            Thank you very much for your kind words and advises. I really appreciate it my intelligent sister. I couldn’t tolerate her empty and fake acts and concerns for supposedly “my Eritrean people” business – meshekeTi gerato’ti our peoples real suffering and hardship. But, I’ll listen to you and refrain from further engagement with this disgraceful and miserable opportunist street business woman/shekaTit. Thanks again sis.

          • Abrehet K. August 8, 2018

            I thank you too respected sister Mihretey,
            This disgusting woman or man is a victim of her/his awful upbringing and past. In Amharic they would describe it as “asadagi yebedelow – victim/fault of an awful guidance or guardians.
            She probably never had a real father figure to teach her manners and also her real history of where her ancestors descended. We can’t really blame her mother as she would also be too ignorant just like her poor disastrous daughter.

          • Abrehet K. August 8, 2018

            Last line to add: ‘her mother would also be too ignorant and too lonely just like her disastrous poor daughter’.

          • Genet-Original August 8, 2018

            Mihret habtey; Abrehet K. habtey, kkkkkkkk
            There is no point to try to explain facts to people with limited vocabulary. If you make an effort and wast your time to come to Assenna the Eritrean’s website, at least try to write sentences that make some sense. I mean, talking about dogs and cats like school kids. come on!!
            Anyway, you two women have some issues and I am not going to be part of it, It is not clear why you disagree or you got offended by my comments. One tiny point, I didn’t comment about your post. You did follow my post.
            so long!

          • Abrehet K. August 8, 2018

            The same old disgusting but at same time poor/sad orphan of the dogs street. Should I say you are a very stranger or a very weirdo individual who doesn’t know her limits! In your last comment you were boasting about how “the real Eritrean woman” to act!!! Without any shames you are at it again about “people with limited vocabulary”, don’t you bloody think with your “high” vocabulary and academic knowledge you should be working for UN, EU, IMF, World Bank or other top places?????
            You are truly a sad disgusting fake impostor and a waste of time, if you are also jealous about us calling each other habtey then don’t bloody go kkkkkkkkkk out of frustration/envy, you should just train your street dogs to call you geniy habtey/habtina!!!!! Grow up fast and also get a real life fast.

  • Mihret August 9, 2018

    Just to give more KKKKKKKKKs to this disgraceful miserable old business/shekaTit street woman: Abrehet habtey maAritey, Abrehet habtey maAritey, Abrehet habtey maAritey ……………..
    It seems sadly that this miserable street woman is really short of some fun and joy of life, her violent street thugs for obvious reasons can’t and won’t give her any entertainment or pleasures.
    However, from her desperate and pathetic writings she sounds like she is a new lousy PFDJ graduate and must be on training {work experience} to confuse and misinform gullible Eritreans. Abrehet habtey maAritey, I am still refraining myself from engaging with this shameful shekaTit woman but I admire you the way you put her in her street place. Someone has also to remind her that we followed her lousy post with shame/embarrassment and NOT with pride and joy.

    • Abrehet K. August 10, 2018

      Mihretey, I thank you again and agree with you absolutely on all your statement.
      Our “real Eritrean woman” must be too busy with her street dogs or she may be preparing a surprise raid on us!!! As you know, you can never predict what weirdos like our “real/pure Eritrean woman” are up to or contemplating!! Alternatively, she may very well be lecturing at one of high unis or correcting some people with limited vocabulary!!!!
      Sister Mihret, as she keeps acting as a male chauvinistic her street dogs should be trained to call her geriye hawey/hawina, that is in place of geniy habtey or habtina.