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ASSENNA: ኣቦ ወንበራት ኮምሽን ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ባይቶ ኣመሪካ ማይክ ጶምፐዮ ንሰብኣአዊ መሰላት ኤርትራ ኣቓልቦ ክገብረሉ ይሓቱ

Review overview
  • Danny November 22, 2018

    Bla bla bla bla propaganda weyane puppet of weyane tigrayonlin propaganda

  • Temesgen November 22, 2018

    The strategy of deception, distraction and confusion is not going to work in face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Distraction is a manipulative tool used by in all sorts of places. It won’t be surprising if pickpockets, generals and thugs like DIA resort to those cheap tactics. Just as a drowning man will clutch at straw, so will a confused PFDJ mob grab at any idea DIA offer them in the hope that it will help them crawl out of the confusion they are wallowing. No hat trick or gimmick is going to save a regime that is on life support gasping for air day by day.