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ASSENNA: ኢሳያስ ጎንደር ምህላዉ ዶ ሄለን መቐለ ምህላዋ – ወይስ ሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ ዓሰብ ምስፋሩ- ዝያዳ የሻቕል? -Friday, Nov 09 2018

Review overview
  • Genet-origimal November 9, 2018

    Helen is a criminal!!!
    This woman is not an artist. For some reason, she has been running below the radar, while she is causing unbelievable damage on the Eritrean people and country. I can point out a few of her despicable acts: she sang, danced and became a cheerleader of the Badme war, the war that cost the Eritrean people their children. The war also stole our freedom and our being. She partied like it was the most joys time of her life, during Lambzuda tragedy, 356+ Eritreans lost their lives. Now, Our border is broken into. Our people are exposed to sinister activity. To be blunt, our mothers, sisters and daughters are in danger of being exploited by the open border, she again is parting with woyane. As she ignored the dead bodies in Lambzuda Italy, she is ignoring the Eritrean homeless in the streets of Tigray region. I would have a suitable name for this loser, but out of respect for Assenna I won’t use it However, she is a criminal and the Eritrean people will press charge against her, once we get ride of the crime family of DIA.

    • Simon G. November 10, 2018

      You said “I would have a suitable name for this loser,
      but out of respect for Assenna I won’t use it ”
      ቁሩብ ሓገዝ የድልየኪ ‘ሎ መስለኒ። ናይ ቀትሪ *ጋሕባ (excuse my arabic) ንብላ። ጋንታ ህግድፍ ‘ኳ ብከም በዓል ሄለን ‘ያ ኣጥለቕሊቓ
      ዝድያብሎስ ንወያነ ጽረፍዮም ተዝብላ: ኤርትራ ተመሊሳ ክትጸርፎም መዓልታት ኣይምወሰደላን። ሓንጎላ ኳ ኣረኪባቶ ‘ያ።
      ንሱስ ብዓቢኡ ‘ንዶ ኮሸምሽም ይብል የለን ምስ ብሄረ-ኣምሓራ። ፈኲስ!

      *ጋሕባ is directly proportional to HGDF btw.

      • Genet-Original November 12, 2018

        I was needing help to make sure this woman is not running under the reader, as before. I think you found the right name. DIA supporters and DIA are a reflection of each others. Birds of a feather flock together. indeed!

  • Genet-origimal November 9, 2018

    Oh ya, her partner in crime Elsa also is one of the criminal woman who is facilitating the destruction of our country.
    To the question posted All of it is a crime against Eritrea and its people. The solution is to get rid of DIA and his accomplices.

  • jommy November 9, 2018

    It is very SAD to see psychopath who tried his entire life to destroy and dismantle Ethiopia for over 50 years IS HAILED AS A HERO (Because you hate weyane) ,the spy of ETHIOPIA who is SUFFOCATING ERITREA FOR the last 50 years is hailed as A HERO .ETHIPOANS WITH YOUR LEADER PRIME MINISTER ABEY will regret this ,The dictator and his stooges will disappear as HITLER ,GADAFI.SADDAM HAS .THINGS SOONER OR LATER WILL BE NORMAL,BUT WE ERITREANS WILL NEVER FORGET THIS .DEAR Eritrean brothers let work together and end this nightmare

    • Genet-Original November 12, 2018

      I don’t know, when is sooner? If it is not now, when?
      DIA lives for revenge against someone somehow at all time. He has been revenging against Eritrea and Eritreans, now he is against the leaders of woyane, his old friends and collaborators. Soon, it will be against Amharas or Oromos, unless, they give up their power and make him the KING of Ethiopia.

  • hb November 10, 2018

    jommy ,

    The elite in Ethiopia know very well that the man whom they are hailing now is the very Isaias who tiredlessly for 50 years tried to dismantle them. The number of armed organizations that were hosted, financed, trained and armed by Isaias is a simple proof the he was hell-bent to undo Ethiopia. So what then is the secret of this bloody love affair!

    The simple answer is – they are salivating to undo Eritrea’s history. If their “hero” is wooed in achieving this seemingly unachievable dream hailing him is the cheapest bid they can offer. PERIOD.

  • Temesgen November 10, 2018

    This medieval era old despot is isolated and cornered domesticall, so he is trying to exploit another external tense situation in the Amhara region to his advantage. When a political chameleon like DIA pays a visit to Gondar & Gojjam at this point and time, it gives us a clue as to what is secretly in the making. Liers don’t have good memories, because they easily forget their lies. When he made a speech in Amharic in millennium hall in Addis, he said”we won’t allow TPLF to concoct another machination.” This criminal thug is like a junkyard dog on a bone who will zero in and not let go. He won’t refrain from settling old scores at the expense of Eritrean lives and sovereignty as long as it prolongs his power. Let us remain defiant and vigilant.