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  • yohana September 26, 2014

    this is photo editing and fake photo, i live in asmera and everything is full. electricity,internet, food and water is more than enough,so long live isayas afewerki he is making our nation to be economic zone with big investment options and preferred destination nation in africa. eritrea is really becoming singapore of africa.

    • Genet-orginal September 26, 2014


      I just spoke with a friend who just came from Eritrea and said the photo is showing only a small part of the reality. My friend is PFDJ’s friendly, but he can’t deny the Eritrean reality and said “things are really bad in Eritrea” Yohana, you said, you live in Asmara. That may be is true, but you must be blind and deaf as well.

      “big investment options and preferred destination nation in africa. eritrea is really becoming sigapore of africa” From your statement and writing, I can guess three things about your background. #1, you may be are in Asmara, who has been educated by PFDJ and DIA in one of these so called “colleges”. Probably you are being told, you are majoring in economics, world investment and you can give world and Africa investment report. What you don’t know is your college instructors are actually eighth grader with master of manipulation. #2. You are just stupid diaspora kid, who grow up in America or Europe on a food stamps. For this reason you found out you have no future, but cleaning floor. Therefore, you are denying the Eritrean reality,just to make DIA happy. #3. You are just plain blind and deaf.

    • fissaha September 26, 2014

      I don’t blame you for commenting its just appalling that you claim yourself you live in Eritrea AND actually have no clue how ppl are just getting their day today life. Go to Keren, senafe and see how people are just about eating 1 meal a day. Asmara hardly get Electricity I don’t live there but I have families which I call on daily basis and is very difficult to talk to them as their phone is always unavailable due to luck of electricity. You on the other hand might be one of the corrupt HIGDEF officers son/ daughter, or beneficiary. That is how it always works. People are starving, getting killed, abducted, sold, incarcerated and those who benefit from others like yourself have the audacity to comment like that “ohh all is fine”. Enough is said about corrupted mind like you and your mad dog leader. But Sit down and think about how low and traitor your are, how pathetic and ethnocentric your comments are, how you can sell your mother for cheap $$$s, how soulless you are who takes pleasure when his fellow country girls are being raped and your brothers sodomized by Bedouins. I wont wish you to be on that spot as I am not like you but I wish you know how it feels when appox 400 Eritrean died crossing the Mediterranean sea seeking a better life. You would like to see more of that again when a woman gave birth inside the sea, a child drowned with out seeing a day light at the sea. I bet it pleased you and your officers and laughed about it. Its shame I call myself Eritrea as you are its shame you exist actually it is a sin you take each breath as you have no soul a lifeless walking talking human. Wedahinki

    • ERITRAWIT September 26, 2014

      N gele sebat halay tblom naka gen wela shem senelka sorry.

      • Wadbahar September 26, 2014

        Arabs say, “Almajaneen Fe Raha” or crazy people are always happy. It is so because crazy people never feel what is going on around them: they do not comprehend their own reality and that of their surroundings. For them “Holba & Shorba) are the same. “Ayyewradka” .

        • Tselot September 27, 2014

          Tseba ste wdey, anbesa Hawey. You nailed it.

    • Mehret September 26, 2014

      Yohana ‘Godello’!
      Godello slezkhonka ‘everything is full’ ayrdeakan eyu. @everything’ aytfelton ekha. ‘full’ kea aytfelton ekha.
      Because of your ignorance you think that minute world of yours is full.

      • Wadbahar September 26, 2014

        He is 24 hours drunk. He can never tell how people live. It is beyond him and beyond his comprehension. Why do you blame a sick person? “Mehret Yewredalka”, is the best answer for him.

      • weddi kebesa September 27, 2014

        Oh dear Mihret
        yea yea I hope everyone to stop commenting after yours.
        ( godello )
        Thanks a lot Mehret

    • ሓውኻ ኣበይ ኣሎ? September 27, 2014

      SINGPOOR Yohana

  • ዬናስ September 26, 2014

    እዚ ህዝቢ እዚ ዝመርሖ ስኢኑ እምበር ሽኮር ህዝቢ እዩ ኔሩ፡ ህጂ ግን ወዲ ዲያብሎስ ዝኮነ መራሒ መጺኡ ተጻዊትሉ፡

  • meto September 26, 2014

    Yohana you are WRONG, This is not a jok, and you are not funny either, this is a very very sad moment for all eritreans.

  • ogbai September 26, 2014

    I wrote some stupid comment in the pictures of our poor people in Asmara posted in Assenna web site on Sept.25,2014. It was intentional to see to check if there would be some reaction in this matter. I rely admire you, for your bold reaction
    Wadbahar, Asgdedom W.Ahmed S. Eritreawit, Denden.and others. Job well done No more mercy for the fool comment may come in our way. However I was surprise I did not get any positive support from the other side the puppets of Isaias the dictator. May be they know the reality what is happening in our nation or the Wahaio sent to me on the way. Any way no need for that. I want you to know. I am your friend from the bottom of my heart looking and working hard in my ability to bring change to our people in Organized matter. Lets get organize in a better way to shorten the days of the cruel Dictator and his cronies. For now no stones need to throw it to me please. But, if you do I will take it because I deserve it. I congratulations you for your good work and keep it up. Thank you.

    • Eduwardo.T September 26, 2014

      By your own admission your stupid & cheap comment was probably as a result of heavy drink.
      In other word, it was not Mr Ogbai’s fault but the drinks so just blame the poor drinks.
      In a normal and sober state the hard working delay fithi Mr Ogbai wouldn’t behave in such disgrace!!!!!!!! What a joke.

      • ogbai September 27, 2014

        ኤድዋርዶ ምስተ ድኣ ኣበይ ክረኽቦ ሓውና ወዲኦዎ እንዲዩ.ንርእቶኻ ይቕንይለይ By the way when I got drunk Eduwardo was my waiter. I hope you are not going blame me for my over drink.

        • Eduwardo.T September 27, 2014

          Kubur Haw Mr Ogbai, I like and truly admire your great sense of humour. However, my name sake poor Edwardo is still complaining about not getting any tips from you after he served you so well with the ‘suwa’. Once again, don’t worry nobody is perfect but I still admire your civil approach and positive example. Take care and God bless you brother. And in future don’t be so mean with my friend Edwardo and the rest who serve you well.

      • ahmed saleh September 27, 2014

        Pls don’t put your friends recklessly on suspended position at serious matters . You sound
        a good Eritrean person . Try not to imitate like those fools , it is not worthy .
        To hate is so simple but to love asks patience for understanding .
        Anyway you lost the bet and we won . But for your frank approach we forgive you not to pay .

  • dawed gherense September 26, 2014

    at least it does notlook like NY.

    • ahmed saleh September 27, 2014


  • ዬናስ September 26, 2014

    I think we should have an option to post the link to a facebook

  • mike September 26, 2014

    I really don’t know why people get so offended over these pictures and try to find unnecessary justification for it. Eritrea just like any other country have its poor and riches. America, one of the richest country have homeless and poor people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Eritrea is no exception not have the poor and the sick. Those pictures don’t mean anything other than people going to church and poor people begging which every society has and will always have. If people want to argue and have a debate over issues, there are hundreds of issues that have been overlooked regarding Eritrea and the Eritrean people. These few pictures don’t really give you what is really going in Eritrea. I have not come across any citizen how has great love for his/her country as much as Eritreans. At the same time out of love of the country people don’t want to face the realty that Eritrea is getting worst as the day go by.One has to Admit firs there are problems. Honestly ask yourself,why things are going the wrong direction. Everyone knows deep down in in side be it those back home or in Diaspora things are bad. It is better to find a solution now than trying to give justfiacion for PFDJ. Don’t lie to yourselves Yohana, you live in America or some western country. Your English speaks volume. People like you are not helping when you lie as if things are good in Eritrea. You are hurting by giving false information.

    • Tselot September 27, 2014

      Mike, ayzereban, be logical and listen to your mind.

  • J September 26, 2014

    It would have been constructive and fair, if we were to criticise and fight equally this active dictatorship by our leaders as well as western powers passive dictatorship which is much more destructive. Its very clear, active dictatorship is a direct result of the passive one.

  • Eduwardo.T September 26, 2014

    Eritrea should be sold to the highest bidder. The Egyptian devils are not allowed as they are closely connected/associated with the other devils the Rashaida & Bedewuin criminals. May be the old masters Italy will buy it and hopefully the misery will end for the cursed people and country. Higdef’s/PFDJ only one the same old policy has always been “Ane entemoite SaEri Aitibkola midiri”. It takes a courage to admit mistakes of the past, continues denial only hurt the nation and its people indefinitely. In the end it is all in Mighty God hands for positive changes and mercies.

    • ahmed saleh September 27, 2014

      Edwardo the known waiter
      Find us please a good bidder who can take care the property of Eritrea land .

      • selamawit2 September 27, 2014

        Brother Ahmed Saleh, i couldn’t help laughing when i read you comment.
        “Edwardo the known waiter…”
        Everyone who followed the game of the individuals with 100 changing nicknames knows exactly what you mean…:-)