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Are we or Isaias to be blamed if Eritrea loses its sovereignty?

Are we or Isaias to be blamed if Eritrea loses its sovereignty? By Goitom Emam Beyen 10/1/2018   Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private

Are we or Isaias to be blamed if Eritrea loses its sovereignty?

By Goitom Emam Beyen



Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power”. 

This quote by President Roosevelt directly applies to the current state of Eritrea. We the people have nourished, appeased and tolerated the Isaias regime for almost three decades. We fear the government instead of the government fears its people. You can even hardly call it a government where an unhinged individual who uses the country as a toy for his self-indulgence and amusement depending on his mood of the day. Our partisan politics and having timid Eritrean scholars and lack of investigative reporting have allowed Isaias to do whatever he wishes in the name of the country. Can’t our scholars learn from the Tigrai conference of 500 scholars with Doctorate degree held in Mekele few months ago?

Our people in general became a follower instead of maker of his own destiny. The people goes to war and make peace when the dictator say so. Sometimes I wonder, Is this the Eritrean People who bravely fought and won the mighty Ethiopian colonial power supported by both Super Powers? Have we forgotten all the sacrifice and struggle was for freedom and justice and mainly for Eritrea to be independent as a sovereign nation? Now, we all can agree that Eritrea is in the control of one unstable, shrewd and secretive narcissist individual where his main interest is prolonging his power at any cost. The question to the Eritrean People at this critical juncture is – do you trust Isaias enough to not compromise the sovereignty of the nation and protect the interest of the Eritrean People? Are we ready to gamble on him while the stakes are high and maybe high enough where his actions and damages cannot get reversed?

Have we forgotten the significance of the “Treaty of Wichale” of May 2nd of 1889 where Menelik II negotiated on behalf of Ethiopia to have a treaty with Italy which is the origin of the Italian colony and modern state of Eritrea? What prevents Isaias in reversing the 1889 treaty and federate, confederate or annex Eritrea with Ethiopia either to protect his power from collapsing or somewhat speculated by some to fulfill his overall objective of him joining the Eritrean revolution for a borderless Eritrea with Ethiopia. In “Eritrea at a Crossroads”, Andebrhan Welde Giorgis’s book page 322 reads “In one incident, Isayas blurted, ‘I know that you call me Agame behind my back. I will show you! I will take this country down as I put it up.”  I understand that this might have been said when Isaias was drunk, but we all know drunk people speak from the heart that are kept hidden. Isaias can accomplish his aim by disguising in the name of peace, treaty, intimate relationship and cooperation with Ethiopia and other neighboring countries. There are many instances that make you suspicious of Isaias that needs objective research and investigative reporting about Isaias’s plan and end-game. It is undisputable and we all can agree that Isaias wants to stay in power at any cost, but the main question is for what purpose?  Can we take a blind eye to the following claims of historical events and questionable instances that was told about Isaias whether true or false?

  1. Per Captain Ashebir’s research (an Ethiopian) a former Ethiopian Officer, Isaias was working for Ethiopia (under General Daniel Menghistu) and was later sent by his uncle Dej. Solomon Abraha and Asrate Kassa (Former Governor of Eritrea) to dismantle the Eritrean Revolution and specifically the ELF on behalf of Ethiopia.
  2. Could Isaias be working to return the Ras Kassa Mircha’s dynasty (King Yohannes IV) in Ethiopia if the following family tree is true and Isaias think he is entitled to power?

The following is cited from Haile Mengesha Okbe’s Isaias’s family tree claim published on Togoruba website.

  1. Isaias had meeting with Ethiopian representatives and US personnel in Kagnew station after his split from the ELF. The person coordinating the meeting, Tesfamichael Georgo was rumored to getting killed by the Isaias regime in Addis-Ababa after Eritrean Independence to further protect the secrecy of the meeting although it is known by many in the ELF leadership and Tesfamichael’s friends.
  2. Former defense minister of Eritrea, Mr. Mesfin Hagos’s interview with SBC sighted one occasion where Isaias flirted his internal aim about forming a joint government with EPRDF (Ethiopia).
  3. In the early years of Independence, Isaias mentioned his desire having a confederation with Ethiopia.
  4. During the second Ethio-Eritrea war, Isaias is believed to have ordered the Eritrean defense forces to withdraw from the Aseb (Denkeli) region intentionally or unintentionally handing over Aseb to Ethiopia.
  5. If Isaias cares about the sovereignty of Eritrea, why was the Badme region administered by Ethiopia until the start of war of 1998? The answer you get from high ranking Eritrean Government personnel is that they were not interested in physical borders or having a borderless regional horn of Africa to be administered under IGAD. Badme was just used as an excuse to settle economic disputes between Isaias and the Meles Ethiopian government.
  6. It also appears that Isaias is working on eradicating the Eritrean people and its economy as if he has a grudge or hatred against the people. It is being rumored to be leasing the Port of Asseb but we can concretely say it is 100% true due to the secrecy surrounding his negotiations with foreign entities.


Isaias, do not disqualify him to be an Eritrean President for having a Tigray heritage or an Ethiopian Origin since he was born in Eritrea. I am more concerned about his actions which is ruining the State of Eritrea in which he may have been influenced by his own heritage, origins and his love to power.


Now, enough about Isaias.


Whether we like it or not, Isaias is fulfilling his objectives and aspirations. The question is at what cost and what do we do about it? I am not claiming that the above 8 example claims are 100% true, but at least we should have been curious enough to research and investigate whether they are true or not. Our scholars failed in using their knowledge in helping educate the public about the inner making, ambition, history and end goal of Isaias Afeweki Abraha Hagos Mirach. Our psychologists failed to tell us about the mental competency of this narcissist individual whether he is fit to govern a country. The worst that could happen to a country is to be governed by a mentally sick person. In this scenario, it is the people to be blamed not Isaias. At least, he can get a defense that for being sick.


When you ask supporters of the Eritrean Government (I think it is better to say when you ask supporters of the one man dictatorial regime) to explain where our country is heading and the nature of intimate relationship and peace honeymoon with Ethiopia, their only answer happen to be “President Isaias knows what he is doing”. If this is the only answer they got, Eritrea and the Eritrean people are in deep trouble. In other words, they do not know what he is doing and their only comfort zone their blind faith on him. As President Roosevelt noted, this is really sad when the people tolerate the abuse of power, the secrecy of treaties and put all your eggs in the hand of this man.


I am an advocator for working together for the common objective and a believer of an honest and committed grassroots people’s movement with bottom up approach of organizing and representation. Our priority at this juncture is not democracy, it is saving the nation in maintaining its sovereignty and preventing from catastrophic people’s eradication leaving the country in droves. I have been sidelined voluntarily the last two years due to the lack of action of the opposition and the squabble within itself for unnecessary non-priority issues of power struggle. I get disappointed for some scholars for creating chaos by creating parallel grassroots movement in the name of “Global Initiative” instead of trying to strengthen the existing grassroots movement.

Now, I felt obligated and it is my civic duty to call the Eritrean people to get organized and mobilized to save the nation before it is too late. Not only I am calling the opposition to work together but I am also calling the supporters of the Eritrean government in joining and working together in saving the nation before it is too late. The partisan bickering do not have place at this critical period, it is time for action based on agreeable plan and roadmap in getting rid of this individual and his inner circle group intentionally carrying his plans of eradication of the Eritrean People and endangering the sovereignty of the nation. Isaias is using the divide of the people as if we have two different interests. We all love of our country and people and we need to have a united message of ENOUGH is ENOUGH to Isaias.


If we fail to do so jointly and quickly, it is we the people to be blamed not Isaias.

Review overview
  • Okbay October 2, 2018

    But it was Esayas the magician who secured {made it possible}
    the sovereignity of poor Eritrea in the first place!
    Sorry but there is no ‘we’, Esayas single handedly secured our
    independence or sovereignity. Don’t blame him but give him credit.

    • Wedi Hagher October 2, 2018

      Okbay aka Uncle Siye

      Why you are making provocative statements ???..
      The man never fired a bullet in liberation war.
      He was hiding in Amberbeb, enjoying sex with young girls, eating the best food and drinking whisky.
      He used to show up in a battle field when the outcome was good..
      Most of the time, he was busy managing his secret organization (Party), giving instruction to kill or send people to jail (Halewa Sewra).

      • Okbay October 3, 2018

        Wedi Hagher, get your facts right, Ok!
        I am not your auntie or uncle Siye, whoever that is!
        If you find my comment provocative then don’t read it,
        remember reading is optional, there is no obligation to read.
        My question to you though, how do you know so much about Esayas?
        You must have been his pimp supplying him with young girls and also whiskys!
        k.tewolde, you seem to specialize in buses and I wonder if you are a bus driver?
        What you believe is your business but just stick to your own beliefs while I do the same. Esayas against all the odds has achieved a lot for Eritrea.
        But, as no one is perfect in this world he has also made so many mistakes. .

        • k.tewolde October 3, 2018

          I am not trying to impose on your beliefs Mr.Okbay,but ‘single handedly secured our independence.’!!!!!! the tyrant must be a kryptonite.

          • Agebblu1 October 3, 2018

            He can have as many names he wanted this should not rankle you at all. In fact, Goitom articles is very helpful in evaluating our sad situation. My only quibble with write up is when you made the reference about this so-called Tigray conference and the intellectual s – quite frankly the conference was a shame akin to damage control in Ethiopia body politics— it looks , it as an association of bunch of sectarian looking for bailout. In fact most of them claim got the undeserving phd’s from fake institutions:

    • k.tewolde October 2, 2018

      You just threw all those selfless heroes/heroins who paid the ultimate price under the bus,the magician apparently did his magic on you,he impregnated your mind like he did so many like you.

      • Gezae October 2, 2018

        A lot of noise, just making noise empty promises, provocations and threats akin to the Chinese expression once popularized by Chairman Mao, “paper tigers”. In a nut shell, you appear fierce or threatening, but in reality all your show no substance, weak and harmless.

        • Tsehaye October 2, 2018

          Dear Mr Gezae,
          I can’t put it better than yours. Hence I concur your precise response, sir. Some of these Jebha’s losers don’t have any idea to share, even if we are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They come here tough and rough, but deep down most of them are shallow with empty bravado that would not stand the test of time. Lets not continue to be quite when we see an empty bravado of this nature.It is nothing but an ego massage which adds nothing to value except negativity.

          • Danilo October 2, 2018

            I suspect gezae is tsehaye. Therfore, could ASSENNA expose gezae who is he? On the matter who is to blame ” are we or isaias ” could be said both but the most is ሰይጣን ሙዃንን ገንሸል ሙዃንን is absolutely different.

          • memhir October 5, 2018

            Hi Tsehaye Amiche,

            You are like a bad penny man. You keep coming back and throw useless words on this web. You are unbelievable dude! Do you have life, work, or things to do?

    • Asmara Eritrea October 3, 2018

      Goitom’s article is heartbreaking but true. Whilst our martyrs were been sacrificed in their thousands to liberate their country from Ethiopia, Isaias was hiding in caves drinking whiskey. He contributed next to zero to liberate Eritrea. Following independence, not only did he destroyed the country but he has obliterated the very fabric of our society. Not only is Isaias a sick and physchpath man but his followers are too. Those people who claim Eritrea was singlehandedly liberated by a mad man are themselves sick and in of medical help.No sane Eritrea could possibly support the distraction of their own country for which do much blood was sacrificed to liberate.

      My fellow Eritreans, it is time to wake up and literally destroy Isaias himself in order to save Our country. If he continues in power much longer, then there will be no Eritrea left to save. We must act know!

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • Misghina October 3, 2018

        Asmara Eritrea aka Wedi Hagher aka Sol aka evil Saho’s whore snake/rat and etc…..
        Kindly stick to ONE of your ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim nick.
        Thank you for your cooperation. Keep up the payments to assenna for more privileges.
        Man up and stop abusing our Islamico forum nomad saHab gimel Yemeni scam bag.

    • Berhane Haile October 5, 2018


  • welday October 2, 2018

    I think we should move with the times. Globalism is the new world order. This are not times to think narrow nationalist agendas. the global village concept should be understood & in their capacity the horn of africa leaders have created a new globe.

    • Sol October 3, 2018

      Leaders of the horn of Africa, first they need to unite their respective nations and people through good governance on the bases of equality justice and freedom.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 2, 2018

    Who will be blamed in Eritrean political issue failures ?
    Negligence of the people in general
    played a role for our predicaments .
    People choice to give unconditional
    support for one man rule had caused us dictatorship system of
    governance .

    • AHMED SALEH !!! October 2, 2018

      Do not mind them . We already know who is who in this forum .

      • Danilo October 2, 2018

        Brother Ahmed, things are getting awesome, boring but encouraging. In my opinion, people are aware what is happening in side Eritrea ready to react nevertheless those dogs.

  • Simon G. October 2, 2018

    “Are we or Isaias to be blamed if Eritrea loses its sovereignty?”
    Well, one thing I know for sure is; it can’t be me.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 3, 2018

    Higi do yihaysh . Aybelnakumn do bikedemu . Agame, kehadti kitblu xenihkum higi kuluna ab menghedi xelmat wedikna . Issaias , Issaias
    kitblu nezi sebAy askirkmo .
    Hawna Simon tezaribka imbi aynisemeAkan zibelu iyom tenki
    nezi zelenayo khunetat .

    • Goitom October 3, 2018

      Ayte Ahmedin, weTemTem aytebziH – you are part of those mindless and heartless
      Jebha/ELF mendef beasts who destroyed our peaceful and civilized Habesha existence. & history.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! October 3, 2018

        Goitom , nefahito
        Assenna told you to
        stick with one nickname .

    • Simon G. October 3, 2018

      Agree, brother Ahmed!

  • bahlibi hiruy October 3, 2018


  • haile G. October 3, 2018

    ኣቱም ሰባት እዛ ብርሃነ ኣብርሀ ዝበላ ከይፈተኻ ክትእክበና ኢኻ ዝበላስ ሓቂ ኾይና ተረኺባ . እንሀ ኢሳያስ ኣኪብዎም. መጨረሽትኡ የርእየና

  • Haile October 3, 2018

    Great article! Such urgent call for action was being made by different concerned Eritreans. Now more than ever, it is getting clear what the intention of Issayas is and hopefully his supporters would come to their senses. It is we as people that we should be blamed. Issayas has done multitude of things that were causes for the distruction of Eritrea and eradication of our people, specially the youth. We should have united long time ago to eradicate this cancerous evil. As the writer indicated, we chose to focus on petty issues to the delight of Issayas. So, the problem was ours. Issayas is either mentally ill or has extreme hate to our country and people.
    So the urgent action should be to unite with one exteremly important goal – save Eritrea.
    Let our educated people be vanguard to lead the revolution to save Eritrea.
    Let we the less educated people follow our intellectuals with the purpose of saving our Country and people.
    Once we do this, the military and our people inside will take an immediate action to garbage the evil.

    Let God save our Country and people.