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Apple founder Steve Jobs dies

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, has died at the age of 56. He passed away on Wednesday in California. Mr Jobs stepped down as chief executive of the firm in August due to health reasons. He had been suffering

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, has died at the age of 56.

He passed away on Wednesday in California.

Mr Jobs stepped down as chief executive of the firm in August due to health reasons.

He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, which was first diagnosed in 2004.

He is regarded as one of the greatest innovators of his generation.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, paid tribute to Mr Jobs, saying: “The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.

“For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honour.”

Mr Jobs was surrounded by his family when he died.

Mr Jobs changed the course of computing during his time at Apple and then brought a revolution to the mobile market.

The iconic iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are the creations of which Mr Jobs will be fondly remembered by, with many people describing the inventor as charismatic and a visionary.

Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and co-founder of Netscape Communications, described him as “The best of the best. Like Mozart and Picasso, he may never be equaled.”

Mr Gates had called Mr Jobs the most inspiring person in the tech industry, while US President Barack Obama held him up as the embodiment of the American Dream.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny added his condolences to Mr Jobs’ family, saying he was a creative genius who “broke down walls in business and opened doors in people’s minds”.

Thousands of technology lovers have also flooded social networking sites Facebook and Twitter with condolences.

Fans have also been leaving tributes and messages at Apple stores across the world, with flags being flown at half mast outside the Apple headquarters in California.

In a statement, Apple said they were “deeply saddened” by the news and that as a result of Steve’s tireless work, “the world is immeasurably better”.

Review overview
  • Maazza October 6, 2011

    A giant man to die at the age of 56, saddens very very deeply!

    Indeed the world is ‘immeasurably better’ as a result of his genius and tireless work, as Apple puts it.

    This Giant’s contribution, palyed (and wil continue to play) a powerful role to connect those with the same vision all over the globe. It may not seem so, but change is occuring at such ‘lightening’ speed, it is like humanity is shedding its old skin and coming out with its newer one. The tool created by Steve Job is playing an invisible ‘holy ghost’-type role to connect humanity in coagulating its positive (created in the image of God) aspiration to accellerate mankind’s evolution. I once, a long time ago, heard a BBC radio programme where an enlightened intlectual was saying, among other things, that the internet (and I suppose also the advance commincation technology that giants like Steve Job created), will inevitably be at the service of democracy. There and then, I did not remotely imagine it would give birth to the Arab awakening-type awsome revolutions and rather immediate successes.

    A UK-Palestinian journalist, a couple of months ago, said to Al Jazzeera that, Al Qaida, in all these years and bloodshed, with its devastating terrorist acts failed to stimulate even one signle country in the Arab world to depose a tyrant ruler who abused power for decades. The internet and advanced commincations devices, that a genius like Steve Jobs created, did the job of harnessing the energy of peace and freedom-loving people and helped them to sweep tyrants off, without a single shot, making this evil terreroist organization redundant .

    Using instruments such as Mr. Jobs created, we will make us witness the global youth saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH of wrecking havock in every specturm to the ruthless of previous generations who were empowered by uninfomred masses as the power base.

    It is a shame he died so young. Millions will be beneficiaries of his genius in grappling for a better world. May he rest in peace.

  • Temesgen Medhanie October 6, 2011

    They say, one’s life is defined by the hyphen between the numbers as the hyphen between 1956 and 2011 in Steve Jobs’ life. However, Steve Jobs is not laid to rest in an unknown grave simply because he is Steve Jobs!!! The man who gave us Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads among other things. As President Obama has eloquently put it, Steve Jobs exemplified the very sprit of America where he remained to be an epitome of innovation and invention. More than anything else however, he discovered his calling on this planet in an early age. That I call a blessing and a rare element in a human essence. God Has given each one of us a gift to discover and a talent to utilize to the fullest. But some of us, we find the gift in an early age, some of us we find it later on in life, some of us we find it but we bury it for fear of a change, some of us we find it but we use it for the wrong reasons and some of us leave this world with out paying much attention to it as it presents to us in a different form or shape along the way as we stride in the what we call the high way of life.

    It is really sad that he died in an early age where mid 50 is considered a young age in this part of the world. But the worst death as someone put it is, when one dies when one is still alive. Steve Jobs however defied death the day he was born simply because as he put it, each day of his life was taken as his last day where he invigorated himself to make the best out of each passing day. That is the glaring difference between an ordinary and extraordinary, a mediocre and outstanding. Isaac Newton in his humbling moments once said, if I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants. And I say, if this generation has seen further than others, if this generations is able to bring about a social change as we have seen it in some parts of the world, it is because, this generation has stood on the giant shoulders of Steve Jobs’ genius and ingenuity. May his soul rest in peace.

    • Maazza October 6, 2011

      Dear Temesgen,

      I cannot resist, I must say I was particularly spellbound by how your mind works when reading your post!!

      Thank you.

      • Temesgen Medhanie October 7, 2011

        Maazza haftey,

        You’re too kind to me. I must say, the feeling is mutual. I am sure it is the same reaction with the others in this forum as we missed you the last couple of days where the forum went cold. Glad to see you back haftey as you sprinkle a sense of vigour to our ever maturing discourse in this forum. Again, thank you.

  • guest October 6, 2011

    RIP Steve,
    In his short period of life he accomplished a great deal he has changed many things including the way we think.Our planet needs more visionaries who can transform the life of human being.It is like a real dream and working hard to attain that goal.Without vision no matter what we accomplish it is very hard to transform people life something in to useful.Most of the inventions that we use today are the products of vision where at that point difficult to imagine for ordinary human beings.Vision is not only for innovations but also for things such as leader ship and thinking a head beyond your self-interest.Like a leader of a nation that says I want see my country in the second world within 15 years and the man put all available resources and talent towards that goal. We have few example like countries Arab Emirates ,Israel,India and China a few to mention who transform the life of the majority through vision and hard work.We can also see many countries which were lead by leaders without vision except their personal interest even though they are blessed with human resource and natural resource.To mention few Nigeria,Iraq ,Congo,Haiti.Leadership means visualizing your goal then bringing up human capacity and resource to achieve your goal.If for a politician how to avoid war and conflict , as a result of spending billions of dollar and killing productive citizens in unjustified war.
    For this I will mention typical example the case of Eritrea and Ethiopia, where both leaders took a decision to go to war spend more than 2 billions of dollar that killed hundred thousand youth.If these leaders were wise and combine the resources they would have uplifted the life of their citizens to upper level,in addition think the years that are spend, would have built a robust infrastructures which will speed up the development of these nations.
    With these resources and time the countries would have built hundreds of dams, school, factories and the region would not be hit by drought,citizens would not run away in mass.
    Even though the great genius Steve passed away we should up hold his vision to make life better and meaningful especially African leaders and politicians should learn a great deal because they have at least have the dispensable human,capital and tome at their grip and they should work hard and combine all these resources to achieve their goal instead of using it to keep for their self interest, stealing the money and deposit in a foreign bank.

    There is nothing beautiful to see your vision become practical and when it change the life golf people for good.
    RIP Steve, you will be remembered for the coming many many generations.

  • Haben Zerai October 6, 2011

    A person never dies if he/she can leave a legacy or a good memory to the ones who will one day follow. Steve Jobs have touched lives anywhere from the high rise building of New York, to the remotest jungle of Africa or Asia, and to the depth of the ocean and to the moon and space above us. The big lesson for me is to know that in my own small world, and to the ones I touch every day, I want them to have a good memory of me.

    Steve Jobs will continue to live. I heard of his passing on my Ipad! what a connection!

    The least we can do is to never diminish others, for if you do that you will diminish yourself and your memorandum tarnished.

  • Paradiso October 7, 2011

    Steve lived for only 56 years, however, he is one of the giants to have walked and impacted this planet. Steve did not study in university except for four months stint after high school.
    Education may be important but the greatest education is “doing what you love to do”. Do you remember the best adage in my native Tigrinia: kab mhros: emro::
    Talent is better than education. No education or PHDs can replace our own Bereket Mengisteab or Yemane Baria. One hundred Phds can not replace our own Kenenisa or Zerisenay or the great footballer Bokrezion or the great cyclist Salambinni or Daniel Teklehaimanot.
    It is – kab mhros: emro::

    • guest October 7, 2011

      Hi Paradiso,

      The reason why many successful guys like Steve and Bill Gate become successful is that because they are grown up in a system that merits innovation and entrepreneurship regardless of your education and social status.I always admire people who really enjoy what they are doing but it does not mean that education does not contribute to success of these individuals. In spite of Steve just brush a college for auditing one course, he be able to assemble a talented and educated human resource behind his vision and work ethics. But I agree with you that education or science try to follow its own rule and procedure in order to be considered scientific out come this is a limiting factor for scientist to come out of breakthrough innovations unlike the 18 , 19 and 20th where scientist able to listen to their own inside search for something unlike the current trend research are just designed to help the rich companies in order to rip money instead of solving real issues and transforming human life.This makes Steve unique where he follow his inner soul to get what he imagined, and I totally agree with you that doing what you want to do regardless of financial or personal fame.
      But do not mistake that Steve and Gate highly valued education but also hey utilized it to the maximum by looking those people all over the world.
      RIP Steve

  • dawit October 7, 2011

    So far, only four people have commented on the passing of a great man who touched and affected many lives by his genius! Eventhough the comments are well placed with a lot of substance, and great to read, I am sorry to say that they are too few coming from this forum. What I mean is, are these four guys the only people who could get affected by the greatness of others and felt that they should write about in this community?
    Growing up in Eritrea in the sixties, I remember many of those who I went to school having an affection for the men/women who were doing great things at the time or the great people in history books. Today, after all the exposure, I don’t see that many of those kind of people in all the Eritrean forums meaning that our community is lacking people who aspire for greatness, and that is very sad. However, in a society where the majority is oppressed to a point of becoming the demostic animal that he utilises, or became ignorant and selfish by choice, it is great to have few like you to keep up the hope.

  • BISHA October 7, 2011

    who cares