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Anti-Trump Protests Break Out In Cities Across USA

Protesters have marched in several cities across the United States, angered by the surprise election of Donald Trump. Demonstrations began shortly after president-elect Trump claimed victory in the early hours of Wednesday, and spread that

Protesters have marched in several cities across the United States, angered by the surprise election of Donald Trump. Demonstrations began shortly after president-elect Trump claimed victory in the early hours of Wednesday, and spread that night to several major cities.

A number of the demonstrations were centered around Trump-owned properties. Crowds gathered in New York City’s Union Square and marched to the building where Trump lives. The crowds stopped traffic in Times Square, where protesters held up signs that said “No More Racism.” NPR’s Sarah McCammon, who is in New York, said many chanted “Not My President,” which also has become a social media hashtag.

Trump-owned properties also were targeted in Washington and Chicago. Police have set up barricades to keep crowds away.

In Seattle, crowds gathered downtown, carrying signs that said “Fight Racism” and “Not My President.” One of the speakers called on protesters to “stand together and fight like hell.”

The protests largely have been peaceful. The police have allowed people to march through the streets during rush hour, in some cities shutting down traffic until people had passed. In Portland police detained at least one man after protesters said he assaulted someone, according to

In his post-election victory speech, Trump said that he would be the president for all Americans, and that it was “time to come together as one united people.”

But many are not convinced. Trump’s threats to deport illegal immigrants and ban all Muslims from entering the country has many worried they will become targets. Many NPR readers and listeners fear that race relations will deteriorate, despite Trump’s words.

At a protest in Miami, Cindy Wiesner, who helps undocumented workers, told NPR’s Greg Allen that many of them were scared.

“We have been getting calls from our members from last night to this morning, not knowing if they should go out the door, if they should go to work — what they are going to do,” she said.

Other cities where protesters have marched include Philadelphia, New Orleans and Richmond, Va.


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  • k.tewolde November 10, 2016

    A picture says more than a thousand words,young Americans,black white,Asian,Latinos from all walks of life showing their dissent against the president elect,can you exercise this basic freedom of expression in my country of birth which is regarded as treason?,that is what we need to take back,this is what they do whatever it takes back home to suppress so that they can give the voice to one man,a man that tells them when to eat,when to sleep,how much money they can withdraw,when they can turn on the light,when they can turn it off,how much they are allowed to spend on a wedding and how many times they can visit the john in a day………….there is no comparison,it is two ends of a spectrum.

  • Mizan November 10, 2016

    While people in the US, Ethiopia stood up and demonstrate to demand for their rights I feel terribly bad that the people of Eritrea are dying a very quite death for the last 25-years. Have the people had rose up for their right and fought back resolutely, a tyrant regime could not have stood his feet and continue destroy an entire nation. It is really sad that our men and women have lost their courage to stand up for their God given freedom!

    • Lemlem November 10, 2016

      Brother/sister Mizan
      I agree with your balanced and fair observation.
      The silent majority of Eritrean people that you are referring to that segment of the population
      that is too horrified by the PFDJ and too disgusted by the disorganized and useless opposition.
      However, while I agree with you that the unengaged Eritrean is a majority ( a super majority actually), I respectably disagree with you about ‘lost their courage to stand up’ conclusions.
      I feel it is actually a coalition of people who have many reasons for disengaging from Eritrean politics, some examples could be the fear of Ethiopia, the Muslim Arabs or being a failed state.

      • k.tewolde November 10, 2016

        Mizan and Lemlem,ladies I suppose,civil and graceful interaction,this type of commentators is what this medium needs to attract a sound national conversation. Lemlem writes,’…..fear of Ethiopia,the Muslim Arabs,or being a failed state.’ You can’t sleep with your eyes wide open from fear of having a nightmare,when somebody had their hand clasped tight on your mouth so that you can’t speak for yourself,nothing matters anymore,as for Eritrea it might be flying a flag and have a topographical border,but as a state it failed a few years ago as soon as it hit the ground running. So,we have this beautiful house with curb appeal but inside it is infested with rodents and roaches,the kitchen is gutted,the floor eaten by termites,the wiring is exposed,there is no electricity or running water,in one word – it is inhabitable,yet the owners simply admire it from outside and are awestruck by it. Remeber the ‘Eritrean riddle’.

        • Zeray November 10, 2016

          Mr I know everything, how do you know Mizan is a lady?
          Mizan could also be a gentleman but who would argue with assenna’s Tenqali and scavenger always scavenging for left overs.
          Otherwise, I absolutely agree with very wise points of sister Lemlem and the highly respectable brother Teclay.

          Brother Teclay
          Thank you for the great laugh and also your fantastic sense of humor indeed, “niHina Khe dea entay kinbil’na, niHamisa Ametat kab taff pasta yiHisheka, ezi’biza sigir Adi grat zelo Agame’yu, HawuKha Rashaida’yu zibil, timhirti gedli kenetsiniE kefiena”. I love it brother Teclay the great, especially the one about your HawuKha being the savage evil moslem Arab Rashaida. Please keep it up and God bless you brother.

          • k.tewolde November 10, 2016

            Teclay flip coin Zeray,you are a human abberation,would you please leave this medium so that decent people have a space for conversation.

  • Teclay November 10, 2016

    What do these ppl really want ??? They got the opportunity and choose their choice but lost to be the majority . that is what democracy mean. ..Mr.Donald Trump won legally, in a fair and transparent election..In four years they can try again … ንሕና ኸ ድኣ እንታይ ክንብል ኢና፣ን 50 ዓመታት ካብ ጣፍ ፓስታ ይሕሸካ ፣፣ እዚ ኣብዛ ስገር ዓዲ-ግራት ዘሎ ዓጋመ እዩ፣ሓውኻ ራሻይዳ ኡዩ ዝብል,ትምህርቲ ገድሊ ከነጽንዕ ከፊእና ዘሎ ።

    Sister Mizan try to digest Lemlem’s wise comment …Don’t forget, we are very few ppl and we have been asked too much and we sacrificed much too much ,unfortunately for no valid reason …You are supersized by the silence of the majority,but nothing is here surprising.The ppl will not rise for unknown future …Do you think the so called country will continue in the present form after the present regime??? I recommend you to read about the former Yugoslavia .

  • Hadas November 11, 2016

    ተኽላይ ኣንበሳ ከምዝበሎ፤ “ንሕና ኸ ድኣ እንታይ ክንብል ኢና፣ን 50 ዓመታት ካብ ጣፍ ፓስታ ይሕሸካ ፣፣ እዚ ኣብዛ ስገር ዓዲ-ግራት ዘሎ ዓጋመ እዩ፣ሓውኻ ራሻይዳ ኡዩ ዝብል,ትምህርቲ ገድሊ ከነጽንዕ ከፊእና ዘሎ ።”

    ምስ መብዛሕትኡ ቦለቲካዊ ኣረኣእያ ኣቶ ትራምብ ዘይሰማምዓሉ ጉዳይ ክህሉ ይኽእል እዩ። ዝኾነ ኮይኑ ግና ኣቶ ትራምብ በቲ ናይ ኣመሪካ ሕጋዊ ቦለቲካ ጸወታ፣ ብግሉጽ ክፉትን ቅሉዕን ዝኾነ ደሞክራስያዊ መገዲ ተዓዊቱ እዩ። ኣግኣዝያን ኣበው ከምዝመሰልዎ “ድሕሪ ማይ ናብ በዓቲ” ዝዓይነቱ፣ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ እንተተገብረ ብዙሕ ፋይዳ የብሉን። እቲ ሓደ እንኮ ፍታሕ ናይ ተቓወምቲ ኣቶ ትራምብ፣ ካብ ሕጂ ውዳቤኦም ኣጽኒዖም ኣብቲ ድሕሪ ክልተ ዓመት ዝካየድ ናይ ባይቶ ምርጫን ኣብቲ ድሕሪ ኣርባዕተ ዓመት ዝካየድ ናይ መራሒ መንግስቲ ምርጫን ብንጡፍ ክሳተፉ ይግባእ።
    ንዓና ንኤርትርዋያን ጨኒቕና ዘሎ ደሞክራሲ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ መሰራታዊ መግቢ፣ ማይ፣ ኤለትሪክ መብራህቲ፣ መጎዓዝያ፣ መንቀሳቀሲ ኣብ ውሽጢ፣ ፍትሒ፣ ቅሳነት፣ ርግኣት፣ ተስፋ እዩ።
    ንሕና ዘይመረጽናዮም ሰባት መንነትና ቋንቋና ታሪኽና ውርሻና ብሓዊ ኣቃጺሎም: ብናይ ክራይ ባዕዳዊ መንነት ቋንቋ ስርዓት የጽኑቱና ኣለዉ። ከም ባሮት ዓቢድ ፈቐድኡ ይሸጡና ይልዉጡና ኣለዉ።
    እምበር ኣሜሪካ ደኣ ዝመረጽዎ ሰብ በቲ ስርዓትን ቍዋምን ኣሜሪካ እንተኣመሓደሮም ናቶም ጉዳይ እዩ።
    ንሕና ዝብላዕ ዝስተ ዘይብልና ካብዞም ኣኽላባት ናይ ዓረብ በደዊን ራሻይዳ ኣዋልድናን መቐመጫናን ዘይሓለና፣ ገለ ሃሙሽተ ወይ ሽድሽተ ሳሕሳሕ ዓረብ ከም ጤል ኮብኪቦም ዝሸጡና ዝልዉጡና፣ ብዛዕባ ቦለቲካ ኣመሪካ ክንተገዓርና እንታይ ቁምነገር ኣለዎ ።